Map of favorite Disney princesses by US state

What political insights can we glean from this map of favorite Disney princesses in each US State?

From Decluttr:

In second place is Pocahontas, one of the few American Disney princesses. She topped searches in 7 states, including the state Pocahontas is set in, Virginia.The most popular princess overall is Elsa from Frozen, who topped searches in 8 states. That’s no real surprise considering how popular Frozen is!

Interestingly, geography seems to play a part in which princess a state prefers. For example, Sleeping Beauty is super popular in the Midwest, while ‘cold’ princesses like Elsa and Snow White are popular in sunshine states like California, Nevada and Texas. Maybe watching them helps people cool down during a heatwave!

Beauty and The Beast’s Belle is the most popular princess in six states, including Arizona, Oregon and Idaho. We think she’ll become more popular after the new movie has been in cinemas for a few weeks though.

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  1. Poor Tiana couldn't even take her home state of Louisiana, meanwhile Moana is all over the map despite her own explicit insistence that she wasn't a princess.

  2. Let it go.

  3. I was always more partial to:

  4. xian says:

    Why isn't the entire map just one big Princess Leia head?

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