What happens when you wear a green tie on TV, the Sean Spicer edition

Buzzfeed's Jesse McLaren created this important educational video, in which Trump spokesliar Melissa McCarthy, I mean Sean Spicer, shows everyone what happens when you wear a green tie on television.


Notable Replies

  1. Sauron's Eye would be even better as an option.

  2. His tie is a microwave oven.

  3. I'm deeply disappointed they didn't mix Rick Astley in there...

  4. It can be any color, technically, as long as it maximizes contrast with what's in front of it. People are more likely to wear blue than green, so green is the default for normal shots of human beings dressed normally.

    Fun fact: The original suit for the cloaked Predator was bright red, to best contrast with the green of the jungle.

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