Colorful children's respirators make breathing poisoned air fun

The WOOBI is a sad sign of the times. It's a toylike respirator system designed for the 300 million children living in severe air pollution.

Via designboom:

Designed with a clear focus on creating a simple solution for kids in need of cleaner air – it offers a new high-performance solution to air protection. the mask features a strong and playful character that looks different, while performing better than existing products on the market. working to improve the lives of kids around the globe, ‘WOOBI play’ will be first introduced in china, one of the world’s most highly polluted countries, where the increasing air pollution continues to be a major public health issue.

WOOBI Play (Vimeo / designboom)

Notable Replies

  1. Wasn't there a power company giving out free inhalers? This could be the nest level!

  2. When I see products like this, I tend to categorise them by SF authors/creators. This is a Neal Stephenson, with a little CM Kornbluth/Fred Pohl (or Mike Judge for you kids) thrown in for spice.

  3. Late Stage Capitalism.

  4. I have personal memory of trying to play outside as a young child in Whittier, CA in the summers of '69 and '70.

    On certain days, when there was a "smog alert," it was impossible to run around and just be a kid, because it fucking hurt to take a deep breath.

    And now, we have an ass-clown, masquerading as a president, who thinks that defunding/disbanding the EPA will "Make America Great Again."

    :cry: :rage: :tired_face: :sob: :rage:

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