Trump's big VA meeting at Mar-a-Lago weirdly canceled at last minute after this awkward moment

Well, that was awkward.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump sat with his Veterans Administration Secretary David Shulkin present, and spoke on-camera about a 'big meeting' on issues important to American military veterans. The meeting, Trump explained, would be held not in Washington but at the very convenient Florida location of Mar-a-Lago, the private resort Trump owns, about a thousand miles away

Trump turns to ask Shulkin if he's coming. Shulkin shakes his head. He wasn't invited.

Trump has not met with one veterans group since the election.

From the Palm Beach Post, which later updated their story to report that the meeting was later, without explanation, canceled.

The president, speaking at a Veterans Affairs listening session at the White House earlier today with VA Secretary David Shulkin, said the “major meeting” would bring together “some of the people that we put on a board” to address health care issues in the department at his “Southern White House.” It will kick off Trump’s fifth weekend stay in Palm Beach since he took office in January.

Among the members of that group: Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter, a fellow part-time Palm Beacher who supported Trump’s presidential campaign. Perlmutter met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago in December.

Can we also acknowledge what a creepy racist dogwhistle 'Southern White House' is to the white supremacists in Trump's administration, and to all of the racists who voted for him?

Something the Klan probably appreciates.

There's one White House. It's in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Can we also acknowledge what a creepy racist dogwhistle 'Southern White House' is to the white supremacists in Trump's administration, and to all of the racists who voted for him?

    Why yes. Yes we can acknowledge that.

  2. Holy Shit.


    Can we trade him Florida for his resignation? That sounds fair.

    Faster Bugs, FASTER!!

  3. You know, it's OK for liberals and conservatives to disagree about policy (I mean, I think they're idiots for what they propose, but they think the same of me, so fair enough), but it would be nice (and by "nice" I mean "much more productive") if we could agree about what constitutes "competence."

    The President (pardon me, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FUCKING STATES) is having a meeting regarding veterans affairs, and not only does he not invite his own VA Secretary, he doesn't know that his VA Secretary wasn't invited (Really? Can we confirm this? Maybe he has a wedding to go to and nobody told Donnie. Or maybe I'm being generous.)

    But hey, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment will be there, so it's all good. Maybe he will pitch a script for "The X-Men Tackle VA Bureaucracy" or something. Problems solved.

  4. Tsar-a-lago!

  5. Is it not using an even and level measure to hold Trump to the standard he set for his predecessor? He regularly attacked Obama for Obama's far less frequent and less expensive getaways and golf trips.

    Is it unfair to point out that Trump explicitly promised last August that he "wouldn't have time for golf" once elected, yet has already logged more time on the course in the first weeks of his administration than many golfers do in a year?

    Is it "losing perspective" to note that Trump's lifestyle is costing taxpayers more than many critical programs he's trying to cut from the budget such as Meals on Wheels or Public Broadcasting or the National Endowment for the Arts?

    Is it becoming as bad as the opposition to suggest that the President's "big meeting" concerning the VA probably should not have been scheduled to take place a thousand miles away from Washington DC and should have included the Secretary of the Veterans Administration?

    Sorry, I'm not buying the false equivalency made here.

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