Watch skateboarders skate on frozen sand

Norway is one of the few places cold enough to support the seasonal sport of frozen sand skateboarding. Worth a watch just for the gorgeous vistas with the sun on the horizon.

From the producers' description:

Jørn has a dream; The most absurd so far. A dream that actually fits him superbly. He is a filmmaker, nature lover and skateboard enthusiast and what would fit better then to make a skateboard film staged on a frozen beach in Lofoten surrounded by high mountains and meter long waves? And that's not all; He will gather the best skaters from Norway and give them the opportunity to skate the world's first ramp made out of just sand and water. Totally dependent upon the weather, the project is on thin ice when confronted with the Northern storms.

It's part of a full documentary called På Tynn Is (On Thin Ice).

NORTHBOUND | Skateboarding on Frozen Sand 4K (Vimeo / Turbin Film)

Notable Replies

  1. Yikes. I'm no skater, but I suppose gritty saltwater cannot be good for the wheel bearings.

  2. @ 7:30:

    . . . and ramps made of sand,
    fall into the sea eventually . .

    (hat tip to Jimi Hendrix)

  3. timmh says:

    What I like about this is the music and the sound. It's not the typical video with annoying/driving sound track that you kind of turn off (if you're of a certain age).

  4. Used to do this in winter on the shore of Lake Michigan, when there was no snow. Never had the wherewithal to build a frozen ramp. That was so great.

    We did build some franken-land sailors from sailboat parts and trailers that got going way too fast up and down the frozen beach. You could get away with a lot in winter when the National Lakeshore staff went into hibernation.

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