Test whether or not you need a Dramamine when you use a VR headset

Lately virtual reality has been touted as the future of movies, games, journalism, and even sex. Unfortunately, most consumer VR still requires investing in some not-insignificantly expensive equipment. You can, however, get a taste of the VR hype with just your smartphone and this budget-friendly headset.

The VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset is 3D-compatible with most smartphones, adding depth and immersion to movies, TV, YouTube videos, and games. Although there definitely isn’t a Youtube-scale repository for VR media yet, there are plenty of sources for VR experience and experimenting. The VRX10 is a neat way to view 360-degree photos on Facebook, New York Times VR, as well as the Google Cardboard media library.

We're not saying the VRX10 is Oculus Rift by any means, but VR is only going to become more prevalent and more portable - this is just an affordable chance to check out this new technology and see if it gives you motion sickness. You can get the VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset for 71% off right now at $19.99.

Notable Replies

  1. The point of whether you get sick is moot; it's whether you buy the headset from the bb store.

  2. Better that than a drama mime.

  3. Such "experience" runs counter to what I like VR for, which is better integration in competitive gaming environments. These often involve deliberately rapid changes in perspective. Overcoming the vomit comet is a learned skill.

    What disturbs me is that now as VR becomes more prevalent, it is being used as an excuse to get rid of the kinds of gameplay I wanted it for in the first place.

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