Behold the Trommelwähler!

From the Herbert H. Warrick, Jr. Museum of Communications, who note: "I've seen this style of dial illustrated in early human-factors study reports. I didn't know they actually made them!

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  1. miasm says:

    All hail the Trommelwähler!

  2. Styx says:

    Muscle memory is a long lasting thing. I remember, feel, is better worded, dialing. The 'tick,tick' and hitting the stop with a rotary dial.

  3. I remember discovering that you can dial a phone by pulsing the hangup button ( That's all this and the other rotary phones were doing )

  4. It's easy to find old rotary phones in the UK, and because they're bomb-proof, they almost always still work.The connector in the UK is different to that in Germany and other countries, but looks pretty similar to the US system.

    And just because I like it:

  5. haha, at school we did this to bypass the rotary dial lock :grimacing:

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