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Snarge: "The residue smeared on an airplane after a bird/plane collision. The snarge is generally all that is left of the bird. See if you can use it in casual conversation today! (via Dan Hon)

Notable Replies

  1. All language is just a bunch of made-up sounds, any duppash can glorm that.

  2. I've got this:
    There once was a pilot named Scully
    And his jet, oh boy did he sully,
    Three geese caused a snarge,
    So so very large,
    That the Hudson then washed away fully.

  3. sme says:

    "I'm so disappointed! I come to Boing Boing for wonderful things, and all I see is this snarge1."

    1. Am I doing this right?

  4. envisioning snarge over coffee was not how i expected to start my day.


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