The Story of American Ingenuity

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Ricky and Louisa find out that America is leading the way for the world in an exciting new industry.

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Notable Replies

  1. For-profit prisons: an ironic invention of the free market.

  2. Kudos Bolling - you've captured a pitch-perfect encapsulation of what's rotten in Denmark, uh I mean the United States. Obviously we're capable of great innovation: moon walks, curing Polio, color tv, yada yada. So it's really horrifying we have a prez that thinks coal is our path forward (among the many horrifying things he represents).


  3. Yes, let's step bigly into the future with a tremendous 6000 year old method of energy production. Innovation!

  4. It's sad/odd how they've backdoored the reintroduction of a form of slavery for relatively the same reasoning that slave owners justified actual, historical slavery.

    They culturally push the idea that criminals (and previously black people according to slave owners) aren't really human, don't deserve rights, aren't like "us" (i.e. good, Christian "real Muricans"), etc.

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