Watch this trippy Soviet kid's cartoon from 1976

Box with a Secret (Шкатулка с секретом) is a Yellow Submarine-inspired children's fairy tale about a child who discovers how to fix a magical box that stopped working. You don't have to know Russian to enjoy its Communist-era message about aristocracy.

Interesting side note: Vladimir Fedorovich Odoyevski, the 19th-century author of the story on which the Soviet update is based, was a prominent science fiction writer who some credit with predicting blogging.

Box with a Secret (YouTube / Мультики мультфильмы мультяшки и сказки) via Toilet Paper Cosmos

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  1. Don't pay any attention to this pinko notion of debugging. God-ferin' 'Muricans take their technology like they take their gub'ment, rented from the rich with broken promises and legal threats for user repairs!

  2. Gotta love the way this girl puts her body upon the gears, the wheels, the levers...

  3. So who was the trippy Soviet kid?

  4. Chaz1 says:

    I had to fix my laptop because a child put coins in the DVD slot. Times have changed.

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