Scratch-built hotrod lawnmower

Last year, Jeep2003 decided to frankenstein a new lawnmower using parts from an old snowblower, a smoker grille, and retro motorcycle-style fenders, detailing the build process on the Old Mini Bikes forums. The results are gorgeous: tail-lights, hood ornament, and all!

Here she is in all her glory. Im over the moon with it. So cool I ran it a bit and it started spitting gas out when shut off I think its because i still had the choke on. But i made a little dam with the gasket so it doesnt happen again and ill try it again tomorrow when the goop is dry. But after I get it running good ill probrobly just drain the gas and not run it anymore. Its just too pretty to mess up

Mini Push Mower Project [Jeep2003/Old Mini Bikes]

(via Neatorama)

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  1. It is pretty indeed but...not using it? Surely that defeats the purpose.
    Reminds me of the quote from the guy who turned up to collect a vintage car announcing his intention to drive it home across the country: "I belong to the Vintage Car Owners Club, not the Vintage Car On Trailers Owners Club."

  2. That is one bad ass grass wrangler.

    Retro mowers activate!.

  3. My mind went, immediately, to:

  4. It's OK, because it's being used correctly. People who use Frankenstein as a noun for the monster, though, that's less forgiveable.

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