Coffee table looks like a giant floppy disk

Why have 3.5 inches of delicate magnetic medium and clattery mechanisms, when you can have a beautiful 3.5 feet replica? The first can coast one drink; the latter a great many. Floppytable is made of hot-rolled steel and the creator, Neulant van Exel, will apparently make one for you if you get in touch.

Notable Replies

  1. Hah! You can even slide the shield! WANT.

  2. oooooh, imagine how many happy birthday banners you could save on one of those babies!

  3. I was so, so worried that it wouldn't. Had to go to the site to see. Relief.

  4. 5.25" tables were discontinued because they sagged in the middle and because the gummy residue around the write protect notch made it hard to clean.

  5. The guy will make more of these on demand? Didn't he ever see "Don't copy that Floppy" ?

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