Just a clown singing Pinball Wizard to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues

Puddles Pity Party is a pinball wizard. (via Marginal Revolution)

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  1. Turns out, Puddles has some golden tonsils o.O' . It's an interesting musical exercise, as well, and a tribute to both songs' enduring quality.

    And I'm saying that as a person who isn't particularly fond of clowns ^^'.

  2. And Lourde's favorite cover of 'Royals' as well:

  3. I'm just going to ask the obvious question: is Puddles seeking apprentices or merely adoring fans? Because either way I'm in.

  4. Now I want to hear Folsom Prison Blues to the tune of Pinball Wizard.

  5. I'd actually dispute that. I have a very good friend who is a sometime professional clown. Like not at kids parties (at least not anymore). But in well reviewed plays, quality circuses, and that Cirque Du Soleil shit (but not actually Cirque Du Soleil). Also my Grandma went to clown college because she wanted to mess with kids and make a fool of herself better (she's delightful). What I've learned from this is that Clowning is a very technical, traditional, and pretty highly trained performance milieu. And what Puddles is doing fits right in. Its very good clowning, he knows what he's doing and the whole schtick fits right in with a bunch of classic clown approaches. And even more so with a lot of the newer, more self aware clown stuff that seems to be running around the comedy scene in a few cities.

    In other words I do no think it is just a gimmick. What he's doing is more than just singing in a clown suit. And I don't think he's just a halfway decent singer who dressed in a costume to garner some extra attention. Watch the video @critter posted. That's very good. Very classic clown work. You don't do that with just a sense of humor and some pancake make up. There's got to be some affinity. Some training or a lot of practice involved in that. I'm not saying the guy is certified clown by rubber chicken university. But various aspects of clowning, circus arts, and even specific clown training are apparently a normal part of theater training these days. Ish. So to sum up. I really think the clown bit is an integral part of these performances. I don't think they'd work without it. So no we wouldn't pay him much attention without the clown stuff. But not because its a gimmick that garnered our attention. But because it wouldn't be any good otherwise. The clown seems to be as much the point as the singing. If not more.

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