Guy builds his own single-seat thrill ride

Daniel de Bruin built a homemade thrill ride that looks a bit like if The Zipper merged with a camera jib on steroids. The video says the machine reacts to the rider's biometrics, but it doesn't really show how a rider's heart rate changes ride speed.

At any rate, it's still pretty cool and could be lots of fun with the right VR accompaniment.

Learn more on his Tumblr page.

NEUROTRANSMITTER 3000 - a bio metrically controlled thrillride (Vimeo / DANIELDEBRUIN)

Notable Replies

  1. You know what would be fun? Positive feedback - the faster your heart goes, the faster the ride goes! Jane! Stop this crazy thing!

  2. Hm, i was thinking you were talking about a different kind of thrill ride :sweat:

  3. Strapping yourself to a trebuchet. Yeah thats a good idea.

  4. As someone prone to motion sickness, roller coasters rarely evoked any of those things in me (Exceptions: coasters which roll backwards, and "simulated motion" rides).

    I just get a rather pleasant adrenaline rush.

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