Photo of all the Dr. Pepper knockoffs

Spotted doing the viral rounds and unattributed (though watermarked with a URL that redirects to Elbe Spurling's website) this wall of Dr. Pepper knockoffs is a magnificent lesson in branding magic and semiotics and all that fancy jazz. I transcribed the names:

Dr. Choice
Dr. Bold
Dr. Perfect
Dr. Bob
Dr. Wow
Real Dr.
Dr. Thunder
Dr. Right
Dr. K
Dr. Shaw
Dr. A+
Dr. Stripes
Dr. Chill
Dr. Skipper
The Dr.
Dr. Tremor
Dr. Snap
Dr. Perky
Dr. Shasta
Dr. Spice
Dr. Fine
Dr. Zevia
Dr. Dynamite

Not included, tragically, is Kroger's recently-marketed "The Fizzicist", photographed here by Brent Nashville.

If I made one, it would be 'Not really a Dr."

Update: One ~bmasmith compiled a big list of Dr. Pepper clones.

Notable Replies

  1. Dr. Tremor sounds like a drink to avoid.

  2. That would be this.

  3. Only performs abortions

    Whom your mother always wanted you to marry.

    Seems legit

    Sounds more like a street corner pharmacist

    She couldn't get by on her looks like Barbie, so she had to become a doctor.

    More a vanity license plate than a soft drink.

    May cause seizures.

    Worst chiropractor ever.

    Known for his breast implant special. Buy one, get the other free.

    What about Dr. Howard, or Dr. Howard?

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