Gallery of off-label fake butter brands

These margarines are for people who really, really want to eat butter, but not enough to eat it:

I refuse to believe that that is mainly emulsified vegetable oil and water.

Move over butter! Make way for the cow rolling a big white sphere of grease across the pasture.

If you spread this on your body, you will Taste Like Butter.

Anger issues.

And you are right -- it's "butter."

Is it butter? We're not sure ourselves.

"Before our scientific magicians poisoned the water... polluted the soil. Decimated plant and animal life. Why, in my day, you could buy meat anywhere. Eggs. They had real butter. Fresh lettuce in the stores."

"I know, Sol. You told me before."

"How can anything survive in a climate like this? A heat wave all year long. A greenhouse effect. Everything is burning up."

Okay, wise guy. Eat some Soylent Green and calm down."

Could it be butter? We were drinking when we made it, so we can't remember.

You'd think it was butter. But we know better.

Finally, truth in advertising. Too bad this tub of fake butter is fake.


Notable Replies

  1. That last one is A+, i got a good laugh out of that.

  2. I have a jar of rendered bacon fat in my fridge from every time i cook some up. I use it for cooking various dishes and I've been mulling over getting silicone butter molds so i can heat up the bacon fat and pour it, making myself some delicious bacon sticks.

    I'm pretty sure i'm doing this, just need to get around buying the molds.

  3. My wife doesn't speak English as her first language, and she comes home with one of these damn tubs of "butter" about once a year.

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