David Dao's injuries: concussion, two front teeth knocked out, broken nose

Dr David Dao's lawyers have revealed the extent of his injuries as part of his pending lawsuit: "a broken nose and concussion and lost two front teeth."

Dao, who escaped Vietnam by boat in 1975, said that being brutalized on his United flight was "more horrifying."

The attorney also said neither he nor Dao’s family have received a direct apology from Munoz — contradicting the airline chief, who said he reached out to the family to offer his apology.

Demetrio declined to discuss what kind of damages Dao might seek in a lawsuit, saying he doesn’t know the extent of the physical, emotional or psychological damage the man suffered. But, he said, the airline did not have the right to use “unnecessary force and violence” to remove a passenger who is not a threat.

United apologizes — again — after attorney describes dragged passenger's injuries [Hugo Martin/LA Times]

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