Children’s books that parents won’t hate

YouTuber Louise Pentland of SprinkleOfGlitter shares the books she reads to her six-year-old daughter that don’t drive her crazy.

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  1. I could never stand the Berenstain Bears books, but my daughters really wanted to hear them. So I started reading them in a cheesy parody of the Dukes of Hazzard voiceover guy. That still didn't dissuade them. But when I dropped the put-on voice, they objected strongly, and demanded I read them "right".

    It actually mitigated the unpleasantness for me.

  2. This is a dangerous game. You will hate them all eventually, once you've read them a bazillion times. Do you really want to lose the love you have for the books you actually like? I bought an omnibus of the original H.A. Rey Curious George stories before I ever even thought to have children, and now my wife and I occasionally hide it around the house so our daughter can't find it...

    I've improvised some pretty damn good silly operas around "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

  3. Don't get me started on Junie B. Jones. I always hated that cutesie, fake kid voice, with the unfunny and unrealistic spoonerisms. It's like a bad rip-off of the wonderful Ramona Quimby novels.

    Ramona really gives voice to a child's inner dialog. I loved those novels when I was a kid, and I loved reading them to my own children. There are also excellent audiobooks, read by Stockard Channing, who kills it.

  4. Happy 101st birthday to Beverly Cleary last week, who's still kicking. She was the best at writing from a children's perspective, and still great to read aloud for adults. All around awesome.

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