Early Mac software comes to the Internet Archive

The unique 1-bit look of early Mac software—especially its games!—are now more easily revisited thanks to the Internet Archive's Macintosh Software Library. Check out Dark Castle, Lode Runner and Wizardry, then write up your thoughts in MacWrite!

Notable Replies

  1. Thought it read Dank Castle because of the font used. Shame.

  2. I was twelve in 1984. I remember even the smell of the new Macintosh manuals, software and tapes. The future seemed wonderful to me.

  3. I still miss my family's old Mac SE/30. I'd spend hours playing Taskmaker, Stunt Copter, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego and Glider, as well as watching After Dark screensavers and messing around with Hypercard and paint programs. It wasn't the very first computer I interacted with (that would be the old Apple II at school, which ran LOGO and The Oregon Trail), and I certainly have fond memories of later computers which featured color and the internet, but because of its limitations and the ways artists would work around them, the old black and white art style has a unique charm, like a mash-up of pixel art and woodcuts.

  4. I just watched a tutorial the other day for a lovely Mac system 7 emulator running on a raspberry pi:

    Totally awesome.
  5. Gasp. Someone else that has used LOGO :smiley:

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