Guy turns a double decker bus into a two-story RV

And it took YouTuber Onrrust "only" 20 steps! Here's the before pic:

The spiral staircase and enormous water tank are the bee's knees. This was obviously a labor of love.

Here's a very detailed photo album of the process.

From double decker bus to RV in 20 steps (YouTube / Onrust!)

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  1. ugh says:

    As always, Spice Girls did it first:

  2. Maker of the Year Award goes to this guy.

  3. This is a dream of mine (I've been a bit obsessed with RVs and tiny homes for the last few months). I'd really like to convert one of those open top or half open top double decker buses though, and have an outdoor patio and grill area up top. Maybe not the most efficient use of space, but I love the idea of lounging by a lake from a second-story deck.

  4. When I see super motor homes, I think: "COOL!" And then I think about driving that beast and go immediately to: "No thanks." I think I'd rather drive Jacques Tati's mini RV from the movie Trafic.

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