You can't consume your way out of global warming

When inventor and MacArthur "genius grant" recipient Saul Griffith started reading papers about global warning that were written in 1974 (the same year he was born) he discovered that "all the problems we face today are familiar from 43 years ago. All the proposed solutions are similar. Merely the motivation was a little different." In this episode of For Future Reference, a new podcast from Institute for the Future, David Pescovitz and I talk with Griffith about how we need new mindsets as much as new technologies to alleviate climate change.

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Image: Kris Krug

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  1. Meaning you're a tree?

  2. Right on. The only working-at-scale negative emission technology (other than the ocean, and other smaller-impact natural actors like soils and other plants). Other NETs are optimistic dreams that IMO we better not be counting on. (For anyone else reading along: NET means taking it out of the atmosphere once it's already up there. There's still lots we can do on preventing emissions in the first place.)

  3. Right, the Obamas are the problem. Maybe you'd like to double down by mentioning how often Gore uses air travel? Cause that'd be sooper speshul.

  4. Plant more trees, people (even though it is killing my sinuses)!

  5. Or photosynthetic microorganisms (which actually are more important for the carbon cycle than are trees, although people often ignore them because they are mostly aquatic).

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