Brewers Association to "crack down" on sexist beer ads and labels

A business trade group representing small craft breweries wants them to knock off sexist labels, product names and ads. Zach Fowle, reporting for Draft, says that the new guidelines also want them to stop using imagery that encourages underage consumption.

The organization added two new lines to its Marketing and Advertising Code Wednesday, advising brewers that, along with avoiding advertisements that encourage things like underage consumption or drunk driving, their marketing materials should not:

contain sexually explicit, lewd, or demeaning brand names, language, text, graphics, photos, video, or other images that reasonable adult consumers would find inappropriate for consumer products offered to the public; or contain derogatory or demeaning text or images.

Offenders won't be penalized, they'll just be prohibited from marketing themselves with the groups' awards and indicia, etc. As always, though, you get the feeling people aren't quite up to speed, and might be surprised to learn that vague bans on "inappropriate" content might not serve the interests of diversity.

A staggering baby step in the right direction, though; check out the Beer and Sexism blog. [via Metafilter]

Notable Replies

  1. I wasn't offended , but I am now. I just explained my position as a female consumer. You've just attempted to invalidate that opinion by suggesting that I'm some kind of "raging bitch", looking for a fight.

    The labels you posted are both sexist and racist.

    But I'm fairly certain that you aren't really interested in my opinion.

  2. Thank you for proving the point I was making. By expressing this point of view women obviously risk losing their jobs and or drawing the ire of their employer.

  3. Just once I'd like to see a brewery spin the table and release a truly fantastic brew called Heartthrobber or something with a super-hot, shirtless dude on the label. Would love to see how that sells.

  4. Real ad from the 70s. Acme advertised in a lot of gay publications.

    Not at all unusual these days of course. Brewers know that gay people drink beer; only a seriously uptight privately-owned (read: not publically traded) company might hew to some musty old religious homophobia.

    (I don’t know if that last one is real.)

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