Great video essay on John Carpenter's 'They Live'

They Live, the classic critique of Reagan-era greed, gets updated context in this overview. As John Carpenter says in the video, "Right now, it's even more true than it was back then."

If you're curious, here is a longer version of the clip that starts the essay.

We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE (Vimeo / Daniel Clarkson Fisher)

Notable Replies

  1. The trouble is, everybody thinks they have the sunglasses on.

    To Paul Ryan, "Atlas Shugged" is his sunglasses, for example.

  2. Wake up, sheeple!

  3. I find it weird to see many alt-righters embracing this film in a way that seems to miss the historic context and point.

    (Then again, I guess "missing historic context and point" might just be a defining trait of the alt-right.)

  4. I had the good fortune to see this movie at a preview screening when I was in undergrad. It's only gotten more relevant as the decades have gone by.

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