Millennial Hoarders

Most people think of millennials as minimalists, of sorts: either the hip sort or the poor sort. The New Yorker imagines: what would a millennial hoarder look like?

One quip really hit home for me: "A browser just for episode recaps of shows he never watches." I'm not sure if I've ever seen a single episode of ███████ ███ but I can quote chapter and verse from many—a simulation of experience mediated by the psychotic phemonema of the Internet, where work is not quite play and play not quite work, and even talking about it the way I am now turns out to be a nerdy joke about the pretentious way we talked about the Internet future in the 1990s.

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  1. I thought this would be about their parents.

  2. plc says:

    It's not "hoarding", it's "tab farming", geez. Actually, I prefer to think of myself as a sustainable, open-source tab ranch curator.

    In all seriousness, right now I have 23 tabs open and I'm often up to 40ish. It's a combination of saving videos to watch later when the kids aren't likely to suddenly show up and shoulder-surf (and they have this thing where one of them shows up when I'm watching a video and then announces to the others that I'm watching a video so then they all are clustered around watching talking heads or whatever even though I'm using headphones and then they ask what's going on), stuff I'm saving to show my wife, and forgetting to close tabs that I'm actually done with. So now I'm feeling that I should close some. There, now I'm down to 9.

  3. cubby says:

    Is this where we are supposed to guess what Rob has blacked out in the reference to recaps? There are fewer boxes than this, but my guess is Adventure Time, which I have also never seen.

    Place your guesses below!

  4. Might I suggest an alternate approach? In case the storage doesn't work out or whatever. Last time I moved after living in one place for a few years, I decided to hold a Hobbit Party. Not a hobbit themed party, but based on the hobbit tradition of giving other people gifts on your birthday, instead of the other way around. My goal was to reduce my volume of stuff by 50%, but anything works. I invited everyone I knew to a big cookout party, and everyone who came got a gift I'd already selected from my stuff. Some were specifically for certain friends, then there was a general purpose bunch for acquaintances of friends or plus ones.
    It was THE MOST FUN party I've ever had. People were so pleasantly surprised to get a gift upon arrival, just a thanks for coming, nothing wierd, and I felt so lightened by the exercise, it built the greatest atmosphere.
    And everything left over fit in my truck for the move :slight_smile:

    Edit: fixed typo

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