One of our favorite kitchen items: restaurant taco holders

American Metalcraft makes restaurant equipment, but you can buy these all-metal taco holders for home use on Amazon. The have a model that holds 2 tacos, and another that holds 3. We use them at least once a week, and love them. Who on earth wants a taco shell sitting on its side, disgorging its contents on the plate? Not me.

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  1. One of these days I'm going over all these posts, trying to calculate the cubic space needed to store all these favorite, indispensible, essential items

  2. I sincerely want Mark to give us a video tour of his kitchen someday. Seriously, I can't even imagine :smiley:

    Then again, my partner continually reminds me that at one point I owned four mandolins because I couldn't find the perfect one..

  3. When people discuss taco holders, do they have to preface it by saying "this is a holder for non-traditional American-style crunchy-shell tacos", or can we just agree that something that's shaped like this is, by default, made for American-style crispy tacos, and know that when someone says "taco" in reference to this device, that's what they mean?


  4. Um...I want to hate this so much...but it's adorbs.

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