Slightly bigger LEGO Death Star

Clocking in around 200 pieces bigger than the retired 2008 LEGO Death Star, this 2016 model looks like one heck of a project.

With 23 minifigs, turbo lasers that swivel, an emperor's throne room, and obligatory trash compactor, this Death Star is pretty operational, for LEGO. It is also more than twice the price of the 2008 model and registers at $500.

This set reminds me of Joel's Millenium Falcon project.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 via Amazon

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  1. jlw says:

    The slightly bigger one.

  2. OK. Average person is 1.7m. Death Star 1 (depending on source) is 140km in diameter. Minifig is 4cm.

    So the Lego Death Star should be 3294 meters in diameter (which means nothing to me as an American) or about 2 miles.

    Wow. That's a lot of Lego bricks.

    edit Maths corrected

  3. I love that this math give me a better sense of the Death Star 1's scale than the original dimensions.

  4. Looks like the Emperor's throne room has a railing. That should stop him from falling to his dea...oooh wait!

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