Two new 3-string guitars from Loog

Our friends at Loog, makers of beautiful 3-string guitars, are Kickstarting two new models: the Loog Pro & Loog Mini. The Pro is electric and the Mini is just $79.

Notable Replies

  1. I would love it if they made an electric model strung like a uke. I've been hung up on the idea of an electric ukulele with a strat/tele body, but it just doesn't seem to exist...

  2. A quick google shows that electric ukes in Telecaster (and Les Paul) shapes are indeed a thing. i didn't see a Strat shape, but I only spent about 30 seconds looking.

  3. What's wrong with handbuilt? Your neighborhood luthier needs the work, you know.

  4. I've been making my own cigar-box guitars for a while. A lot more fun than just going out and buying something, and a great learning experience.

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