Beaver leads a cow parade

I guess there is a leadership deficit in Cowtown.

(via Unilad)

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  1. "It is the Chosen One."

    "Surely. The one without tags in his ears. As the prophecy foretold"

    "It is said he will lead us to the land of Grass and Water."

    "Where the balls will be returned to the steers."

    "And the milk will not be taken."


  2. Ratel says:

    Looks a little more like he's being politely escorted off​ of their pasture.

  3. hecep says:

    "Beaver Leads a Cow Parade"

    That would make a great title for a pre-schooler storybook about a beaver named Beaver.

  4. Beaver: "I'm not the Messiah!"
    Cows: "Only the true Messiah denies his divinity."
    Beaver: "All right, I am the Messiah."
    Cows: "He is! He is!"

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