Kottke's list of the web’s best hidden gems

Jason Kottke asked his readers to tell him "what were the best web sites that they knew about that most people have never heard of." I've been going through his curated list of the top 56. My favorite so far is Pink Trombone, a human voice synthesizer. While playing it, I felt my own throat moving to match the cartoon throat. Freaky!

Notable Replies

  1. If "Pink Trombone" is not already the title of a porn film, I want to know why not.

  2. Robbo says:

    My favourite will always be Zombo.com - because you can do anything there.

  3. I thought this was Boing Boing's job. :worried:

  4. It's very meta.  

  5. And the gritty remake: Rusty Trombone.

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