Plan like Milo Minderbinder

Thinking of a business idea is the easy part. Doesn't even have to be a "good" idea, you can still get people to throw money at a non-existent venture, but to do that you need to at least have something even resembling a viable business plan. Why doesn’t anyone do it then? Because building that semi-viable business plan on how to get to market can be a huge time and energy investment.

Bizplan aims to streamline the process of crafting a business plan by breaking everything down into more manageable tasks. It lets you set financial goals and track your progress while acting as your central organizational hub. Once you're ready to go, powerful collaboration tools let you present your plan to stakeholders with professional polish and easily share data with team members.

Bizplan also makes it easy to join Fundable, the world’s largest business funding network. Usually $2,940, you can get a subscription for the lifetime of the service to Bizplan here for just $69 or grab the 1-year service for just $39.

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Notable Replies

  1. Unless you intended a crossbreed of the Catch-22 character with the Futurama character (which does sound entertaining), it's "Minderbinder"

  2. Business plan: Kill all humans, then serve them to the enlisted men.

  3. I wonder how many bb'ers think Milo Minderbinder is that gay guy who loves Trump.

  4. Milo Minderbinder is classic; Yolo Minneapolis is so yesterday.

  5. Has anybody actually used this software?

    Other than the tenuous connection to a funding site it seems to be nothing more than a presentation editor with some nice templates and a chat app glued on the side.

    Or am I missing something earth-shattering?

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