The Insect Magnet

Luckily, I'm not an insect, because the packaging for this poison free bug trap appeals to me. I've been using this product for years and it works as advertised. From my 2010 review: "Even if we didn't have a cricket infestation problem I would have bought this box of insect traps, because the packaging is so terrific. My 7-year-old daughter couldn't take her eyes of it. My wife was repulsed by it and made me remove the box from the kitchen, but admitted that its design was striking."

A 12-pack is just $6 on Amazon.

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  1. Sorry to get all hippy dippy on you, but they're poison-free because the bugs get stuck in glue and slowly starve/dehydrate to death. I know they're just bugs, but there's something about that just turns my stomach. I just don't like seeing things suffer like that. Again, I know they're just bugs and I'm the weirdo, but I'd rather it be quick and painless (or, ideally, for them to be deterred from entering the house to begin with.)

  2. That's funny, I was just wondering how to increase their suffering, so I guess there's two sides to everything.

  3. I get where you are coming from, having seen the obscenity of a mouse caught in a glue trap.

    But I wonder if the bugs really suffer any more than any typical insect death. I have no idea how many trillions of insects die trapped in the surface tension of water droplets every day, but I'll guess a whole buncha, and swatted bugs can walk around for days with their mashed innards hanging out. Individual insects have it pretty rough normally, their survival strategies mostly depend on very high reproductive rates.

  4. Bobo says:

    I used to have a few of these in my garage (for some reason crickets love my garage, and use that as an entry point to the house, and my cat's apparently too lazy to do anything about that).

    It's all fun and games until an alligator lizard gets caught in the glue, and you have to use orange oil and q-tips to gently ease it off the adhesive bit by bit (all the while, the nasty little shit is doing what alligator lizards do and biting the crap out of anything he can). Even more fun is giving an angry alligator lizard a soapy water bath to remove orange oil...

  5. I like how the bugs are attracted, yet all facing in different directions as a commentary on the alienation of the modern condition.

    When I was growing up we just used to build our house on stilts over a tar pit.

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