Man in orange Home Depot apron turns out to be air conditioner thief

A man wearing a bright orange Home Depot apron loaded some air conditioners into a truck. No one noticed he was actually a thief until he got greedy and went into the store for more. That's when the store manager saw his name tag that said "Shannon" with flowers drawn around it. The observant manager knew the store didn't employ anybody with the name of Shannon, so he called the police.

Shannon turned out to be 53-year-old Bernardo Calana from Massachusetts. The gentleman tried to tell the police he had nothing to do with the air conditioners, but the orange apron stuffed in his back pocket gave him away. This is something straight out of an I Love Lucy episode, minus the jovial laugh track to make it all good in the end.

Thanks Seattle Times!

Image: Enriquecornejo