Savage fight between dog and fox

I had a hard time watching this one (embedded below), but it stands as a remarkable testament to the fitness of mammalian embodiment to its evolutionary niche: the brutal execution of competition and confrontation. (via, via)

It looks like almost everyone decided on the name Fig, so Fig it is! 🍑 Fig finally got to spend a little quality time with @boyfriendmoose today. Moose is confused as to why there's a tiny Juniper running around the house. We're still taking introductions to Juniper slowly, she's pretty unpredictable at times so we're taking it delicately. More videos of Juniper and Fig coming soon. I'm also working on editing a vlog type video showing the trip to Minnesota to pick Fig up from @mikdolittles_animals. Im not super proficient at editing videos in Premier pro yet, so we'll see how it turns out 🤷🏼‍♀️ #FigTheFoxx

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