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Cincy Comicon was a blast

Here's a fun fact about Cincy Comicon. It's not in Cincinnati. It's not even in Ohio! It's in Covington, KY. But Cincinnati is close. In fact, I walked from my hotel over the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge this morning before the convention got started and was in downtown Cincinnati in 15 minutes. The bridge is great for walking and biking, with a wide path shielded from motor vehicle traffic. When then bridge opened on December 1, 1866 it was the world's longest suspension bridge. It was designed by John A. Roebling, the same civil engineer who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. It's a beaut:

Once I got into Cincinnati, I headed to a restaurant called Cheapside, which has excellent espresso. I also had a tasty smoked salmon salade niçoise. It's called Cheapside not because the ingredients are cheap, but because it's on the corner of 8th and Cheapside street.

Before I tell you about the convention, here's another important thing. There were some scary bugs clinging to the outside of my hotel window on the 11th floor. I took a photo and called Cincinnati born-and-bred David Pescovitz to tell me what they were, but he didn't know. If you do, please tell me in the comments:

OK, now onto the con! The cool thing about this con is its focus on comic books. I don't go to many cons, but the ones I have gone to seem to give comic books short shrift. Not here! I think one of the reasons is that Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead comic book series, is one of the organizers, and Tony loves comic books. Read the rest

Brian Ewing show at Chicago's Galerie F

Brian Ewing's delightful, monstrous art has been a regular feature on Boing Boing, and there's a ton of new work to be seen at Galerie F in Chicago this month. Read the rest

Brian Ewing's Horror Business: gorgeous, pop-art monster lithos

Brian Ewing's pop-inflected classic monster lithos are great favorites of mine. He's recently refreshed and added to the line for a show called "Horror Business." The lithos go for $50 each. Read the rest

Valentines from Brian Ewing

Boing Boing favorite Brian Ewing (Ghosbusters in a Rat Fink car, Anatomical Frankenstein) has a line of Valentine's cards with scratch-off secret messages:

I collaborated with animator CRANKBUNNY to create a nerdy and awesome Valentine scratch-off card. The card reveals one (of four) secret messages*  underneath a heart within a skeletal chest cavity. It can be used for more than just a traditional Valentine's card. Use the card to break up with someone. Quit your job. Or just to pay your rent late. Great for someone you love or hate any time of the year. Soften the blow or sweeten the deal...and be awesome while doing it! *1. Your Coffin Or Mine *2. Your Heart Belongs To Me *3. My Body's A Zombie For You *4. I've Got A Heart On For You


Ghost Fink: Ghosbusters in a Rat Fink car

Brian Ewing (creator of the Anatomical Frankenstein print) has just posted another fab illustration: Slimer from Ghosbusters riding in an Rat Fink-style rat-racer. It's called "Rat Fink" -- there's a limited run of 100 screen prints at $50 each.

Ghost Fink (Thanks, Brian!) Read the rest

Anatomical Frankenstein limited-edition print

Artist Brian Ewing has produced a limited edition colorway print of his anatomical Frankenstein's monster poster. I love this work -- I gave my wife one of his bubblegum colorways of the Bride of Frankenstein for our anniversary, and I've just put the Frankenstein on my Xmas list (don't buy 'em all, OK?).

Ewing really went to town documenting the production process, with lots of interim shots linked from the post below.


Read the rest

Coop iPod skins

These hard-shell iPod covers designed by underground art legend Coop will be available at the end of next week for $50 each. Limited edition of 100, available for many models and sizes. So. Cool. Must. Have. Now. Link to MacSkinz store where the'll be sold.

Doug from MacSkinz says, "Our artist series includes work from Glenn Barr, Andrew Bawidamann, Joe Chiodo, Brian Ewing, Jon Foster, Marc Gabanna, Dave Johnson, Frank Kozik, NeckCNS, Plankton Art, Ragnar, Jeff Soto, Miles Thompson and others."

Link to images 1, 2, 3, 4. See also this previous BoingBoing post: Coop's "Parts With Appeal" show opens at sixspace: Link (Thanks Sean!) Read the rest