Monsters of Rock from Jason Edmiston

Best part of Comic-Con is checking in with my favorite artists and seeing what they've been up to. Jason Edmiston is a regular on Boing Boing -- a virtuoso of the grotesque monster illustration, who may be best known for his brilliant Cereal Monsters. Yesterday at his booth, I was treated to a look at his Basil Wolverton-esque "Monsters of Rock" posters, which can be had in limited edition prints from Etsy at $40 per. Click on a poster to go to its Etsy page.

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Game of Thrones art exhibition

"Mother of Dragons" by Jason Edmiston

Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, has an exhibition of art inspired by Game of Thrones. My Modern Met has more images.

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Monster Mash: horrific composite of Universal Monsters' Big Four

We've covered Jason Edmiston's genius monster illos here before, but this one deserves special attention. His "Monster Mash" comes from an alternate universe where Doctor Frankenstein has gotten a little enthusiastic with the needle. It's ghoulishly delightful. Spotted today at New York Comic-Con. $60 for a giclee print.

Dr. Frankenstein has been working on a little project in his free time. Much like Voltron, the big Universal 4 come together to make the ultimate creature. Mwah-ha-ha-haa!!!

Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered 17" x 22" giclee print, with archival inks on acid-free paper.

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Jason Edmiston's Monsters of Rock portraits

The talented illustrator Jason Edmiston has a show at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach. One fun thing about his gorgeous "Monsters of Rock" portraits is how easily recognizable the musicians are.

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Planet of the Apes painting by Jason Edmiston

I'm old school when it comes to Planet of the Apes. If they aren't wearing tunics or padded vests, I'm not interested. That's why this painting, entitled "Trophies" -- which depicts a trio of proud gorilla hunters posing over a pile of Boing Boing comment trolls -- is a winner in my book. This masterpiece is by Jason Edmiston. See more of Jason's work here. Read the rest

Cereal Monsters: Frankenberry and friends as Universal classic monsters

Seen at New York Comic-Con, which I'm presently attending: Jason Edmiston's "Cereal Monsters" illustration (available as a print) which portrays the Frankenberry family of cereal monsters in the style of Universal classic monsters. Read the rest

Story Time: Bozo and the Santa Claus Horror Show

One of my favorite pastimes is storytelling. I don't have a lot of stories, but the ones I tell are really good, and my delivery has been honed and perfected over multitudinous retellings. I'm not sure that a blog is the best format for storytelling, but I'm going to give it a go. Let me know what you think in the comments.

After the jump, I will tell you the amazing TRUE story of Bozo and the Santa Claus Horror Show!

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