Internal organs swimsuit

Black Milk, Australia's leading purveyor of anatomical womenswear, has released its Dem Guts Swimsuit, which features a glorious rendering of its wearer's internal organs.

Dem Guts Swimsuit - LIMITED (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest

Yip-Yip-Yip leggings

Australian tights makers Black Milk continue to plumb the depths of weird juxtaposition and tessellation with these Sesame Street Yip-Yip-Yip leggings, which retail for AUD85 plus S&H. Read the rest

Little Mermaid tights

Hot Topic seems to have borrowed a trick from Australian pop-culture leggings favorite Black Milk with a line of Disney-licensed Little Mermaid full-print tights. Hot Topic's version costs about 75 percent less than the Black Milk stuff (and no shipping or duty for US buyers) -- though I have no idea whether they're comparable in terms of wear, fit, or the labor conditions in their manufacture (Black Milk makes its wares in Australia; Hot Topic doesn't say where its stuff is made on the site, which almost certainly means Pacific Rim/subcontinental sweatshop).

Ariel leggings

Ursula leggings

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Star Wars montage tights

Australian geeky women's clothing maker Black Milk (previously featured many times on Boing Boing) has rolled out a new line of Star Wars clothes, including a lovely pair of Star Wars Montage leggings.

The Death Star Dress And More New Star Wars Items From Black Milk Clothing (via Geekologie) Read the rest

Little droid dress

If you need a party frock to go with your R2D2 bathing suit look no further, for this is clearly the dress you've been looking for.

Artoo Dress Read the rest

Muscles leggings make you look like you've been flayed from the waist down

Robbo sez, "James Lillis, a designer with Black Milk Clothing, has come up with a freaky-awesome set of muscle leggings which allow you to celebrate the human anatomy without getting all Gray's Anatomy and actually flaying yourself. I think they are remarkably delicious."

In a kind of Hellraiser/Slim Goodbody way.

Muscles Leggings (Thanks, Robbo!) Read the rest

R2-D2 and C-3P0 swimsuits

Cory posted in October about the R2-D2 swimsuit, but now Black Milk Clothing has added C-3P0 to the line as well! "Artoo Loves Threepio" (Thanks, Dean!) Read the rest

R2D2, the bathing-suit edition

The Artoo bathing suit from Australian designer James Lillis will make help you blend in on the sandy beaches of Tatooine.

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Space Invaders tights

Sartorial splendour doesn't come cheap: these Space Invaders tights will set you back $80 Earth dollars. But I'd hold your skateboard at the arcade if you were wearing 'em.

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