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Mark Frauenfelder

Lawful Good

Author, illustrator, co-founder. Wink Books. @frauenfelder

Cory Doctorow

Neutral Good

Activist, author. EFF. Craphound. @doctorow

Xeni Jardin

Chaotic Good

Journalist, hypertexter, adventurer, and host of Webby-honored Boing Boing Video. @xeni

David Pescovitz

BB's managing partner. Futurist. Writer. @pesco.

Rob Beschizza


Storyteller, artificer. Game Deaths. TinyHack. Nomen Ludi. 19A0. @beschizza

Leigh Alexander

Chaotic Neutral

Offworld. Journalist. Author. Mona. @leighalexander

Jason Weisberger

Lawful Evil

Publisher, Photographer, Prestidigitator. @jlw

Ken Snider

Neutral Evil

Technologist, Consultant & Sysadmin. LIN Media/Media General. @orenwolf.


Chaotic Evil

Community Manager. Don't push your luckdragon.

Carla Sinclair


Eric Mittleman

Video Editor

Laura Hudson

Editor, Offworld

Scott Hepler


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