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How to make Sriracha sauce

Sosu Sauces' Lisa Murphy offers her recipe. [via]


Where childhood memories go


Chances are you don't remember much from before you were about three years old, and the way we narrate our worlds to ourselves is a big part of why.

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New GoPro camera disliked


GoPro Hero4 Session is the company's first new camera in years, reports Fast Company's Daniel Terdiman.

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Why does everyone hate U2?

bonoAnnie Zaleskie tackles a baffling conundrum: why do so many people dislike a band led by a man who says things like "as a person who’s been a lifelong member of Amnesty International, of all human-rights crimes I think that this kind of unwanted [pre-installed album], if it’s at the top of your list or even halfway up it, your life is really fantastic," while wearing wraparound sunglasses indoors?

The worst parallel parker in Scotland

Bo'Ness, West Lothian, Scotland. The driver of a yellow Fiat compact spots a perfect space to park up. And so the time-honored dance of the incompetent parallel parker begins. But, dear reader—wait for it.


Burt's Bees founder dead at 80


Immortalized in ink on the packaging of millions of salves, balms and other earthy cosmetics, Burt Shavitz's physical form has moved on.

It is with broken hearts that we must convey the saddest news: Burt Shavitz, our co-founder and namesake, has left for greener fields and wilder woods. We remember him as a bearded, free-spirited Maine man, a beekeeper, a wisecracker, a lover of golden retrievers and his land. Above all, he taught us to never lose sight of our relationship with nature. Now it’s up to us, the brand he helped build—and you, his fans and advocates—to sustain his spirit and ideals. Thanks for everything, Burt. We’ll miss you.

The Washington Post's obituary recalls a "cantankerous hippie" who was, in fact, forced out of the company he co-founded long ago, largely cut out of its $900m sale to Clorox.

Shavitz didn’t seem to mind missing out on 93 percent of a windfall.

“In the long run, I got the land, and land is everything,” he told a filmmaker for the 2013 documentary “Burt’s Buzz.” “Money is nothing really worth squabbling about. This is what puts people six feet under. You know, I don’t need it.”

This critique extended to corporate culture: “I had no desire to be an upward-mobile rising yuppie with a trophy wife, a trophy house, a trophy car,” he said.

Dictators' favorite surveillance company hacked and exposed online


"Hacking Team" is a badly-named security contractor that helps governments spy on activists and journalists. It got hacked, badly, and more than 400GB of its data is now public.

Widely shared online, the stolen data includes a list of the countries that have bought Hacking Team's main surveillance tool, Da Vinci, and emails suggesting intelligence agencies use it to spy on activists and journalists. The list includes: Azerbaijan, Chile, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sudan.

… Confirmation of the breach came via the Twitter account of Hacking Team engineer Christian Pozzi.

"We are awake. The people responsible for this will be arrested. We are working with the police at the moment," he said in one message.

Soon after, this and other messages about the breach were removed as Mr Pozzi's Twitter account was deleted.

What better outcome for this company than tweeted authoritarian outrage, sputtering its way into the memory hole.

Reddit considered decentralization

redditalienThe bitcoin blockchain could be used to decentralize media, putting it beyond the control of individual hosts.

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Is objective journalism possible?

ACE-magazineAt Medium, Jay Allen deconstructs the demand for "objective game journalism" sometimes found among those uncomfortable with their hobby's growing status as an art form.

Reviews of art relate the experiences and opinions of the critic. As art is engaged emotionally and playing a video game is an experience unique to each person, that engagement is a one-off experience. Any attempt to describe that experience, no matter what the critic may intend, is deeply personal.

There are no objective metrics to describe this experience. With apologies to Terry Pratchett, there is no atom of emotion, or molecule of entertainment. While scores out of 10 or ratings out of five stars are popular in criticism of consumer art, they are arbitrary evaluations. Contrast this with the sort of benchmark testing Consumer Reports does on dishwashers, which are experiments measuring physical qualities under fixed conditions.

The belief that games (or movies, or books, or anything else) can be evaluated by objective criteria perhaps strikes you as laughable. If so, you might pause to remember that many people sincerely believe that only objectively-measurable things are worthy of reflection. To them, games may as well be dishwashers.

Death Metal meets J-Pop

Ladybird combines all the things you love about Japan. Wait, what? Xkaki0F

Don't strap fireworks to your head

G-221-500x500A fellow in Maine lit a firework that he had "strapped to his head." He was killed instantly, reports WCSH. Local officials stress that fireworks are dangerous, "especially if they are not used properly."

Puppy vs Air Conditioning

WhAIRrgarbl [via. Previously.] wairgarblr

Bloated corpse of Colonel Sanders to star in KFC comic


Announced on Twitter, the Colonel's Adventures will be offered exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con (and therefore eBay within minutes of the doors opening.) You can have it signed at any branch of KFC by rubbing it on a greasy mass of their finest poultryform crude protein.

Reddit moderators revolt over sacking of popular admin

redditalienA number of Reddit communities were effectively shut down last night to protest the unexpected departure of staffer Victoria Taylor, an important liaison between Reddit's employees and its army of volunteer moderators.

Best obituary

obit Bye Doug.

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Photoset of the legendary "Nintendo" Play Station


Sony's classic console was originally envisaged as part of a collaboration with then-market leader Nintendo. It went its own way, and the rest is history. Here's a look at a rarely-pictured prototype, though, thanks to imgur user DanDiebold. [via]

New video games are going to look amazingly realistic

unreal The environmental rendering in Unreal Engine 4 is, contrary to its branding, real. Youtuber koooolalala has been posting spectacular demos created with Epic's latest game development tools.

Mario looks quite out out place in the demo below, by aryoksini: "Here is Mario running in Unreal Engine 4, all the environment assets were taken from the Unreal marketplace, all the character actions were scripted using blueprints only, all animations were re-created from scratch as well as the PBR ready textures."

In 20 years this will look like Pac Man.

P.S. Here's the best part: the tools are free of charge—you only have to pay a royalty, and even then get your first $3k in sales gratis.