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British PM slips, says the poor are "who we resent"

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On GIFS as art

Jesse Walker: "The animated GIF is not the first species of motion picture to combine brevity and eternity" [Reason]

Ebola case reported in US; CDC director promises "we are stopping it in its tracks"


At a press conference today, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Thomas Frieden said that a man was being treated for Ebola in Dallas. He is the first patient diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. since an outbreak began earlier this year in west Africa.

Frieden said that the patient had arrived from Liberia two weeks ago and was "visiting relatives in this country", but did not confirm his citizenship or residency status. He did not display symptoms until September 24, several days after his arrival.

The BBC reported that the unidentified patient is being kept in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and that he was not an aid worker involved in treating the disease.

Up to twelve other people in the U.S. may have been exposed to the virus since his return, Frieden said. He added that the CDC believes no one on the same flight as the patient was in danger of contracting ebola, and that the CDC had prepared for this eventuality and was "stopping the disease in its tracks."

Patients already diagnosed with Ebola have been taken to the U.S. for treatment, but this marks the first occasion during the current outbreak where the disease was diagnosed outside of Africa.

The Dallas Morning News broke the news earlier today concerning the patient, forcing the CDC to confirm the case.

Ebola has struck regions of Africa, where standards of public sanitation and medical care are relatively poor. The Washington Post explains what Ebola is and what it does to our bodies. More than 3,000 people have died during the outbreak, mostly in Liberia, and several aid workers have received treatment in the U.S. after falling ill.

Scant details were given of the Texas patient, but a single case does not constitute the spread the disease within the developed world.

According to reports, the CDC tried to keep the lid on this today with a news embargo, but that it was broken by those it shared the news with. Good to know for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

eBay and PayPal to split into separate companies

The official statement is all business. Jason Del Rey explains what it'll mean for users.

Tetris: The Movie

The abstract puzzle game is to be turned into a blockbuster, writes Michael McWhertor. [Polygon]

Kill women who have abortions, says National Review reporter

Kevin Williams has "hanging more in mind" than letting 'em off with life imprisonment.

Post-Hobby Lobby, corporate religious exemptions set to flourish

A judge excused a member of a fundamentalist LDS offshoot from testifying in a church child labor case after he said his religious beliefs prohibit him from discussing church matters.

Windows 10 previewed

The next version of Windows will skip a version. With a branding flourish as its primary feature, what need will you have for everything else it does?

A quantitative analysis of the graying of Barack Obama's hair

images"We obtained photos of Barack Obama taken every month from January 2009 until August 2014. ... by looking at photos of Obama’s hair over time, we can conclude that he is indeed getting grayer. []

Satan emerges from anus during gay sex

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.53.34 AMMercifully cured of being gay himself, fundamentalist Christian and former pornographic actor Joseph Sciambra asserts that anal sex causes gay men to give birth to the devil. Pink News reports on a video where he states that "it creates a doorway literally into the demonic."

In the video, Sciambra who formerly appeared in gay porn for many years says that after finding God, he sought hospitalisation following damage caused to his rectum that meant he had to have his “sphincters almost stitched shut.”

In the video he said: “I’m going to talk about the devil and why he loves anal sex. Anal sex releases into the world rare demonic entities and that even in the body could be conceived as the devil and that would be given birth to anally.

Use more lube, dude. [via Fortean Times]

Trucker held 35,000 lbs of frozen chicken "to ransom"

A trailer, "dripping with the juices of rotting meat," was discovered at the Flying J Truck Stop west of Missoula this week; it turns out the driver attempted--and failed--to hold the $80,000 shipment to ransom. [ktvb]

North Korea admits young leader is unwell

After his failure to appear in public for a "prolonged" period, 31-year-old Kim Jong-Un was described by the state press agency as suffering from "discomfort". [The Guardian]

Blackberry's squarephone "sells out"

81IC6qiaRsL._SL1500_ If you find something strangely appealing about the Blackberry Passport's sharp geometry and all-work attitude, know that 200,000 buyers allegedly agree.

Apple's torture-test lab

The Verge's Josh Lowensohn got a tour: "This is where iPhones never want to go."

Speed Chess is amazing and demented

Independent game developer Bennett Foddy has improved chess. Pray that he does not improve it further. [Previously]