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Sundance Vacations sends forged court order to remove criticism

In a ploy to remove criticism of its hard-sell tactics, cruise-vacation firm Sundance Vacations sent a fake court order to Metafilter to remove this discussion of its practices. Whatever else it is, it's a first-degree felony Streisanding.

Firewatch, a mysterious game about a secluded fire lookout in Wyoming

The premise: Henry can't escape his emotional troubles simply by taking a job in the wilderness, and worse trouble's in store when he goes exploring. I'm digging the golden-hour palette of this one, announced this weekend at PAX Prime.

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Apple investigating iCloud "hack"

"We take user privacy very seriously," a spokeswoman told Arik Hesseldahl.

Roberto Cavalli puts own name on someone else's art

graffitivstheman Roberto Cavalli duplicated, "literally", a graffiti mural in a print. Furthermore, his own name was added over the design—the distinction between copyright infringement and plagiarism, exemplified in a work that allegedly embodies both!

Lost chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl: "The remaining eight children, together with their mothers and fathers, were ushered out into the long white corridor once again." [via Kottke]

Google would prefer you not use that old browser

BBC: "Google has started showing old versions of its search page to people using out-of-date versions of some web browsers."

How to respond to a bad review

Stephan J Harper, author of a self-published ebook concerning crime-fighting teddy bears, makes a spectacular appearance in the comment section of Michael E. Cohen's review. [via]

Stonehenge was a circle

Stonehenge's remains suggest a circle, but archaeologists have finally proven it after a drought revealed what lay beneath the grass.

The worst-paying jobs in America

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 22 percent of Americans hold one of the lowest paying jobs that the agency categorizes... 1. Fast Food Cooks."

Going distraction-free without losing the smartphone

Jake Knapp didn't want to get rid of his iPhone, but needed to get its endless attention-demands under control. He started by removing everything except Phone and Messages.

Review: Cappucino flavor Lays

IMG_2127-0.JPG They smell like a tomb, and taste like stale crackers dusted with International Delight-brand instant coffee.

Games with female protagonists

"An unfiltered list of games featuring a leading lady, because such a list should exist."

Police sketch of serial killer unlike him

COMPARISON Derrick Todd Lee didn't look much like the police artist's photo-composite. [via]

The history of the stereotyped "Asian" melodic riff

Carl Douglas's 1974 Kung Fu Fighting made it ubiquitous, but NPR found that the distinctive, stereotyped combination of rhythm and scale dates to the 19th century, and arrived at its exact nine-note form in the 1930s: "It doesn't come from Chinese folk music; it's just a caricature"

Email a giant waste of time and energy

Companies are taking measures to limit the volume of internal email and its insidious effect on productivity, reports The New York Times.