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Jared Leto's Joker revealed


Almost as edgy as the goth-themed Minecraft toys in Hot Topic. Those are pretty edgy, you should check them out.

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Obscure corners of WoW's vast world

image.jpg World of Warcraft is full of forgotten corners--beautifully-rendered but abandoned places no longer on the game's questing trail. Atlas Obscura heads out on a nostalgic tour.

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Comcast-Time Warner merger dead

comcass comcast donkey Good.

Credit card swipe machines have shipped with the same password since the 1990s

It would be comical, were it not such big business for bad people.

The vendor wasn't named by the researchers, David Byrne and Charles Henderson, but they did disclose the password: 166816.

A Google search reveals that's the default password for several models of credit card terminal sold by Verifone, a Silicon Valley-based vendor that says it connects 27 million payment devices and has operations in 150 countries.

The researchers said that the password remains in use on nine out of 10 terminals they see from the vendor, in part because customers mistakenly assume it is unique to them.

"Even knowing this password, sensitive payment information or (personally identifiable information) cannot be captured," says Verifone.

Google Maps "vandalism" mocks Google Maps' editing policy


You'd think the kilometer-wide phase "Google review policy is crap", cut into the greenery of Takht Pari Forest near Rawalpindi, Pakistan, alongside a gigantic sad face, would be visible from space. But this is, of course, visible only on Google Maps.

A sly easter egg was added by someone apparently wanting to make clear how easily-fooled the service is into adding things that are not in fact there -- and how potentially unsafe it may be for those depending on it for accurate information.

The discovery—posted to Hacker News by user ilamparithi—comes not long after a huge Google Android robot was spotted urinating on an Apple logo, also near Rawalpindi.

x 2015-04-24 at 10.16.25 AM

The pitfalls of allowing anonymous editing notwithstanding, the snarky virtual lawnmowing is also suggestive of the sprawling nature of Google's international services, recently in the news due to its domination of European search markets.

Google Maps surprises have included penises and secret swastikas, but those were real landscape features revealed by the technology. Lost cities are uncovered, too—though sometimes turn out to be glitches, such as these mysterious, Atlantis-like markings under the sea.


Trap streets are historically added to maps to expose copycat publishers, but this is the first example of a crap park being added to expose the original's own shortcomings.

Random startup announcement generator

After enjoying the random startup company website generator, I remembered that I'd made something similar for Wired 8 years ago. Please enjoy, once again, the random startup announcement generator. Refresh the page to pivot!

This built on the work of various "internet bullshit" generators going around in the mid-oughts. They were a thing.

Random startup company website generator

x 2015-04-23 at 3.26.42 PM I call dibs on "Rubify, The Motivated Way To Rub." Generate.

PayPal split will "hurt eBay"


The Verge reports on how the coming corporate divorce will likely hurt the retail site.

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New York City subway popular with riders


Ridership is up in the dark cyberpunk nightmare world beneath New York!

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Reporter confirms low-rated restaurant is bad

x 2015-04-23 at 9.50.16 AM Suspicious of an Italian restaurant's weirdly negative reviews, Tim Carman headed out to see if it was some kind of Yelp bullying thing. Nope, it is just awful. Aftermath: an interview with the manager.

Beautiful time-lapse video of Chile volcano eruption

Calbuco erupted Wednesday after 42 years of silence. More than 1,500 local residents were evacuated. [via] chilevolcano

Mila Kunis "stole my chicken"


A "childhood friend" of the popular actress claims the beloved pet was taken when they were at school together in Ukraine.

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Chess grandmaster Nigel Short: "men 'hardwired' to be better chess players than women"


Yep, he got thrashed by Judit Polgar again.

Iceman Gay

x 2015-04-21 at 3.50.49 PM Marvel's character, one of the original X-Men, is to be outed.

Games Not Allowed


Twitter announces new block tool, ban on threats

ROA-twitter Messages identified as abusive will not appear on notification timelines, thanks to a new filtering system designed to prevent harassment from being seen by its targets.

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Make Ascii art with Playscii

playscii_shot1 Available for Windows, Linux and (soon) OS X.