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History of video game graphics

Video game graphics, explained in gruff Estuary English. Part 2 below!

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Dystopia tends to be dishonest


"Dystopian" films often depict an otherwise appealing future ruined by uncontroversial woes such as totalitarian government and environmental apocalypse.

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Cringe at Sony's new Playstation Vita ad—and a '90s precursor that made Sega look sleazy

Sony’s Playstation advertising used to be clever and weird and manipulative. Now it just makes me think of a ship burning faster than it can sink.


Here's more from the same campaign, apparently. It's so dumb I'm convinced it must be fake! Here's the source.

In the UK, at least, the marketing of self-conscious sleaze ’n’ sexism at a narrow teenage male market is what made Sega uncool in the early-mid 1990s—especially to teen boys. Here's one of their ads from the time, where "Sega CD" is enunciated as "Sega Seedy":

Beijing's smog problem illustrated with a year's worth of daily photos


Beijing resident Zou Yi set out to illustrate the pollution problem in the city' by taking the same photo, at the same time each day, and creating a mosaic of the resulting images. The result is an unsettling mix of sunlit color and monochrome doomscapes.

"Like a lot of people," he said in an interview with CEN, "I forget [PM2.5] readings as soon as I read them. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you see the same place, at the same time over a full year, the quality of the air becomes perceptible immediately."

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Valencia FC' soccer team's new logo mysteriously familiar


DC Comics' lawyers object to the new design, for some reason!

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Bionic arm's "masturbation mode" surprises France

A guest on a French television show demonstrates a useful feature of his high-tech prosthetic arm. (Alas, it is merely a comedy show.)

Saddest mugshot ever

upload_2014-11-20_at_8-34-44_am A perfect evening in Florida: order food, on bicycle, at a just-closed Taco Bell's drive-through, refuse to leave, fight cops, then attain epiphany concerning the nature of the evening while being booked at Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Boy now magnetic after electrical shock


Spoons just magically stick to this youngster. It must have something to do with science.

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Law licenses are expensive to get

The application is $950, you have to buy $100 software to take the exam, and using a credit card incurs a $15 "processing fee," but this isn't an MLM scam: "There’s been a lot of debate recently about whether a law degree is a smart investment anymore," writes Megan H., "and generally, the answer is maybe not."

Ferret takes amazing leap

You know what's coming, but it doesn't make it any less breathtaking when it happens. [Video Link, via]

How TV legend Glen Larson transformed science fiction

battlestar_galactica_classic The producer behind Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica was often mocked as derivative, but he brought home screeen science fiction for generation X.

Hip shop name generator

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.36.35 AM [Link]

Britain's pink-painted poo aims to shame irresponsible dog owners


The London Borough of Camden has a new weapon in its eternal fight against dog poo: pink spray paint. The idea is to embarrass dog owners who fail to pick up after their animals—and they've offered cans of paint to local residents who wish to participate in the program.

The mess will not be subsequently cleaned up, officials say, to ensure that the highlighted excrement remains as much a public eyesore as possible.

"It's about embarrassing the people who aren't picking up the poo after their dogs," Camden's cabinet member for the environment, Sally Gimson, told the Evening Standard. "The whole point is really to embarrass dog owners who are doing it to say 'we have noticed you've done it and you shouldn't be doing it'."

According to Childrens' BBC, Staffordshire council tried the same trick in 2010, as did a community group in Warminster and at least one other city. West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is also painting poo pink.

Note: if your poo is pink, lay off the pepto-bismol cocktails.

Winnie the Pooh denounced as hermaphrodite


The beloved character of childrens' book and animated feature film has been banned from a Polish playground.

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Home-sprucing tips

A cheap DIY list to make home a little more welcoming. [Popsugar]