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Fox anchor wonders how we can identify bad guys if we don't know their skin color

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Vegas-area brothel booms during CES

Nellie Bowles on the Unofficial Brothel of CES, which has mastered social media: "While it’s legal for the women to work at Sheri’s, it’s illegal to advertise... Many area brothels have been resistant to social media, which involves letting go of some brand control as the sex workers cultivate personal voices independent of the house."

Intel earmarks $300m for workplace diversity

Bravo, Intel! The chipmaker, after being spooked by adolescent misogynists into dropping ads at websites critical of gamer culture, is atoning in style: a $300m drive to support women and minorities in tech. Nick Wingfield:
Intel, which was caught off guard by the ensuing controversy over its actions, eventually resumed advertising on the site. Mr. Krzanich said he used the incident as an opportunity to think more deeply about the broader issue of diversity in the tech industry. The issue resonated with him personally. “I have two daughters of my own coming up on college age,” he said. “I want them to have a world that’s got equal opportunity for them.”

Man wearing "I have drugs" shirt arrested for having drugs

Florida. [WFTV]

Bigfoot family filmed

ht_arizona_sasquatch_float_lb_150105_16x9_992 ABC News: "Arizona Department of Transportation posted this photo of a street Facebook, Jan. 1, 2015, with the caption: 'We might have spotted a family of sasquatches on SR 260 near Heber this afternoon.'"

Councilman Kirby Delauter thinks journalists can't use his name without permission

Some communities don't pay much attention to who they elect. Check out this imbecile in Frederick County, Maryland, who threatened local journo Bethany Rodgers for using his name without permission.


Here's the story he didn't want to be named in: Shreve raises staffing, parking concerns. Yes, it's incredibly dull! It's about parking spaces. Just the thing to humiliate yourself over, for the entertainment of an audience of millions.

Screenshot via.

Disco clam lures prey with toxic snot

The fleshy lips of Ctenoides ales "flash like a mirror ball" as it stalks the Indo-Pacific seabed. [via]

Former Reddit manager seeks caring and resourceful assholes

Erik Martin, Reddit's longtime general manager, recently left the site after years with the hardest job on the net ("appeasing a crowd that at some point got too big.") His new gig is helping everyday people deal with corporate bullshit.

The zen of building gaming PCs

This year, I'd like to write a lot more game reviews, so the task is upon me: build or buy a new gaming PC. Wasim Salman's article about "the ups and downs of building and owning computers that are more powerful than they need to be" has made me think I should probably just grab an Alienware Alpha and stop worrying.

Nearly 20 Percent of Dark-Web Visits Relate to Subjects Other Than Pedophilia, Study Finds

Wired: "Over 80 Percent Of Dark-Web Visits Relate to Pedophilia, Study Finds"

"Wheeled" dolphin looks like penis

"Yeah. That looks like a dolphin on wheels." [via]

Toddler shoots, kills woman in Walmart

In an Idaho Walmart, a 2-year old reached into a woman's purse, grabbed her concealed firearm, then shot and killed her.

Bizarre glitches in Mortal Kombat

This 30-minute compilation, created by gamers, is a lesson in how far one can go into the cracks of an already-batshit classic game in search of the deeply bizarre. [vis Digg]

"Anon" vs Iggy Azalea

After aiming a series of nasty remarks at a black artist, rapper Iggy Azalea was threatened with the release of a sex tape by Anonymous. But when it's just a random online creep with no established connection to hacking, activism or anything else associated with the amorphous collective, who is "Anonymous"?

United Airlines leaves caged dog in rain


Remember: to airlines, your pet is nothing more than luggage

Microsoft developing new lightweight browser

It's called "Spartan," alleges ZDNet. "Microsoft may show off Spartan on January 21... But my sources also aren't sure if Spartan will be functional enough for inclusion in the Windows 10 January Technical Preview."

A fox, chirping

Hanya Kevie the fox makes its position clear. [via]

Injured parrot turns out to be Christmas hat

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 9.45.11 AM A woman in Aberdeen, Scotland, was mortified by what appeared to be a hurt parrot lying in the road. Animal rescue officer Karen Hogg was pleased to find a wet hat: "the lady was driving at the time she wasn't able to stop and get a good look."

Hypnotise yourself with these GIFs

Expansion A nice set today from Erik Söderberg at Wired.

Lance Armstrong says he would never cheat at golf

The disgraced cyclist, who admitted using performance-enhancing drugs on his way to seven Tour de France wins, says he is drawn to Golf because of its deep code of honor. Golf Digest:

GOLF IS DIFFERENT from the culture of cycling when I was competing, and that's putting it mildly. Cycling, it was the Wild West. Nobody considered doping cheating. It was an arms race where absolutely anything went, and it was every man for himself. You might consider me the last guy to have anything to say about cheating, but golf is different. I love adhering to a code of honor that we in cycling didn't have. If I moved my ball in the rough and got caught, I wouldn't just regret it, I'd be heartbroken forever. When I think about reform in cycling, I think about golf.

"and got caught."

Rubber chicken-wielding man sought after cannibal threat

Residents of Street, England, have been urged not to panic after a man, holding a rubber chicken, threatened to eat a local woman. The Central Somerset Gazette reports that the man is still at large.

A woman was putting her bins out at Brookleigh, around 8.30pm, when she was allegedly approached by a man waving what appeared to be ‘a long-barrelled weapon’ and a ‘fake chicken’.He pointed the weapon at the woman and told her he was going to eat her alive and he was going to eat her flesh, according to police.She ran inside and he chased after her.He started banging on the front door and broke a window as he tried to enter the property. He failed to get into the property and made off.

The man "is believed to be intoxicated," say police.

[h/t Abroath]

8-bit Philip Glass

Have the most serious Gameboy at school with this rendition of Prophecies from Koyaanisqatsi.

Vortexes in water

[video link]

Vomit Minecraft block


I found this perfectly cubic block of reconstituted foam. It immediately made me think of a) Minecraft, and b) William Gibson's description of recycled plastics from Communist-era East Germany.

They made, for instance, light-fixtures out of recycled plastics; the plastic was chopped up, melted and molded, but the various chopped bits retained their original color, resulting in a translucent solid that looks exactly like joke-shop vomit. Quite a lot of the infrastructural detail of East Germany, you see, looked as though it was made of solidified puke. The cruelty extended to the esthetic. Or perhaps it began there. Ugly. Unimaginably ugly.


Barrett Brown sentencing delayed

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 4.03.21 PM

Barrett Brown, the American Journalist accused of computer crimes after linking to material posted online by anonymous hacktivists, will have to wait a few more weeks to learn his fate. His sentencing was moved to January 22, 2015, according to court observers posting on Twitter.

The "court has too much to review to decide," wrote @FreeBarrett_, a supporter of Brown, from outside the ongoing hearing.

Brown originally faced more than a century in prison on a swathe of charges relating hacks targeting corporations. He admitted lesser crimes to reduce his possible sentence to 8½ years.

Published in Vanity Fair, The Guardian and elsewhere, Brown is often described as an "unofficial spokesperson" for the Anonymous collective, which he denies. He founded Project PM, a website intended to collate publicly-leaked information for use by journalists and activists.

Among the secrets exposed were collaborative efforts between the government and private contractors to monitor social networks, and to develop online surveillance systems.

Brown, 33, was arrested in 2012 after his and his mothers' homes were raided and he used "threatening" language toward FBI officers in a response posted to YouTube. He was subsequently accused of working with the hackers whose efforts yielded a huge tranche of embarrassing and revealing information concerning misbehavior and sleaze at U.S. government contractors.

Among the charges was the claim that merely linking to the leaked information was illegal—an alleged crime for which prosecutors sought decades in prison and which roused the interest of press freedom groups.

He ultimately signed a plea deal on three lesser charges: transmitting a threat, trying to hide a laptop computer during a raid, and to being "accessory after the fact in the unauthorized access to a protected computer." He spent a year awaiting trial in federal prison, and was subject to a 6-month gag order prohibiting him from discussing his case with the media.

Photo: Wikipedia (pd)

Earlier: Why you should care about journalist Barrett Brown's sentencing today

Nightmarish Christian birdsong album

Enjoy this genuinely nightmarish visit with Ralph Platt in God's great outdoors, where he joins the birds of the forest in giving song to the pipe organ music of Lorin Whitney.

The full album was recently posted online by Fuji Puzzle Box, who warns that a Volume 2 of this exists somewhere out there. album of pious Christian dirges so lugubrious they practically go all the way around and turn giddy. Made famous by the Firesign Theatre, who created so many dearly beloved batshit radio performances using this record as underscore.

UPDATE: "Hi Rob, Taylor here, archivist for Firesign Theatre and the guy behind Fuji Puzzle Box. Thanks for the post! There was indeed a volume two, and here it is" Bibles and Birds

The magazines in doctors' offices are old because you keep stealing the new ones


The British Medical Journal has published a paper investigating the lack of up to date magazines in the waiting rooms of medical practices. It's because the new ones walk out the door.

Results: 47 of the 82 magazines with a visible date on the front cover were aged less than 2 months. 28 of these 47 (60%) magazines and 10 of the 35 (29%) older magazines disappeared (P=0.002). After 31 days, 41 of the 87 (47%, 95% confidence interval 37% to 58%) magazines had disappeared. None of the 19 non-gossipy magazines (the Economist and Time magazine) had disappeared compared with 26 of the 27 (96%) gossipy magazines (P<0.001). All 15 of the most gossipy magazines and all 19 of the non-gossipy magazines had disappeared by 31 days. The study was terminated at this point.

Conclusions: General practice waiting rooms contain mainly old magazines. This phenomenon relates to the disappearance of the magazines rather than to the supply of old ones. Gossipy magazines were more likely to disappear than non-gossipy ones. On the grounds of cost we advise practices to supply old copies of non-gossipy magazines. A waiting room science curriculum is urgently needed.

Lies. The first person to start selling 1990s-vintage issues of Readers Digest and Sports Illustrated in bumper packs of 20 will make a killing from the fast-growing healthcare sector.

Photo: tsmall

20 ways to describe Pantone's color of the year

The color of the quivering heap of liver your Mom won't let you leave the table without eating.

Summary of Torture Report released: Surprise! CIA tortured people and torture doesn't work

A summary of the long-awaited report into CIA torture has been released. CNN: "In its most graphic details, an executive summary of the report finds that conditions for detainees at top secret interrogation sites were much harsher than the CIA has previously admitted."

The CIA's harsh interrogations of terrorist detainees during the Bush era didn't work, were more brutal than previously revealed and delivered no "ticking time bomb" information that prevented an attack, according to an explosive Senate report released Tuesday.

The majority report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a damning condemnation of the tactics -- branded by critics as torture -- the George W. Bush administration deployed in the fear-laden days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The techniques, according to the report, were "deeply flawed" and often resulted in "fabricated" information. The report is reigniting the partisan divide over combating terrorism that dominated Washington a decade ago. Democrats argue the tactics conflict with American values while leading members of the Bush administration insist they were vital to preventing another attack.

The torture was worse than previously admitted:

"In many cases, the most aggressive techniques were used immediately, in combination and non-stop," the report says. "Sleep deprivation involved keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, usually standing or in painful stress positions, at times with their hands shackled above their heads." ... In one facility, a detainee was said to have died of hypothermia after being held "partially nude" and chained to a concrete floor, while at other times, naked prisoners were hooded and dragged up and down corridors while being slapped and punched.

Reminder: The CIA also spied on the Senate panel that produced this report.

Dog knows how to deal with police

Bruno took out several police vehicles. Good boy, Bruno! [TV3 via Reddit.]