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AT&T throttles "unlimited" data speeds during offpeak hours

Jon Brodkin reports that the carrier, unable to force longtime unlimited-data plans onto metered contracts, instead slows their Internet use to a crawl.

Honest store displays

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Letter to the Editor

A commenter—awarded a temporary suspension after writing that unarmed black teen Michael Brown was to blame for his own killing because he was a violent "THIEF"—writes in.

I was banned from logging in because of one comment I made that was flagged as “victim blaming”.

If I am immediately banned from the discussion for a month just because I have a different, frank point of view, then I feel I can no longer visit or forward any articles for this site ever again.

Thanks very much for the many years of “wonderful things”, but if this site has decided to become a one-sided, close-minded, dishonest, riot-inciting political agent, then I can no longer support this site.

I will miss the old BoingBoing very, very much and it saddens me to see its conversion to misguided radicalism all but complete.

P.S. The image on the contact page is distasteful and irresponsible. It cemented my decision to leave. Encouraging riots, violence and looting by disinformation using an evil-Calvin looking boing boing girl just proves that it's all over for this site.

Goodbye. incite-beschizza1

Yes, he actually downloaded the picture of Jackhammer Jill and attached it to the email, just in case we were unsure.

Journalism vs. patronage

It's reasonable to ask that journalists not directly patronize the subjects of their reporting, even transparently so. But as it often happens indirectly, invisibly, or in the form of activism, life is not so simple——especially when it comes to the enthusiast press. [Glog]

25 invisible benefits men get when gaming

A new video from Feminist Frequency, illustrating an article by Jonathan McIntosh.

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Clothes printed with maps of any location


A fab idea from Rachel Binx, gorgeously executed: skirts and tank tops printed with monochrome maps based on your selected location. [monochome]

E-paper watch


Sony's design is "a thing of minimalist beauty", writes Vlad Savov.

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Our favorite music makes us nicer

A study on the emotions evoked by music found that we behave more altruistically after listening to tunes that chill us out.

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Artist controls water "with mind"—and the help of an EEG

In Eunoia II, Lisa Park hooks herself up to Mindlink/Neurosky-type miniature EEG equipment and uses it to manipulate a beautiful and mysterious arrangement of water bowls. [via]

How maggots and eagles would destroy zombies

Whichever end of the animal coolness spectrum you prefer, there is only doom for the zombie menace. Embedded above, elimination by "a writhing, insatiable mess of maggots"; below, execution at eagle beakpoint.

"The clumsy undead wouldn't have the dexterity to pick off these decomposers, even if they could see or feel them," says naturalist David Mizejewski. "It would just be a matter of time. Stripped off all soft tissue, including brains, the zombies would be reduced to hollowed-out skeletons."

And on Eagles: "Carrion makes up a big portion of the diet of these huge raptors, and nothing intimidates them."

Animals eating the zombies is contingent upon the continued existence of animals. Support the National Wildlife Federation to make sure they're around when the next major outbreak occurs.

Photo: Wikipedia

Last-minute gift ideas

Welcome to this year’s Gift Guide, a piling-high of our most loved items from 2014 and beyond. Books, comics, games, gadgets and much else besides!

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How famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving meals

Jackson+Pollock+Thanksgiving As imagined by Hannah Rothstein. The vomitastic splatter above is, of course, Jackson Pollock. [h/t Heather]

Map of human excrement in San Francisco

poopsf Human Wasteland (via)

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