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Prince Philip doll at NYCC


One of the wildest things about the major comic conventions is how broadly beyond that particular medium the focus now ranges. Hollywood movies, video games, general celebrity worship... all part and parcel of the show. For example, here is a highly detailed doll of the cunning and ruthless Prince Philip, a popular character from UK royalty.

New York Comic-Con at a glance

IMG_2598.JPG This is barely minutes after it opened; apparently more than 150,000 people will attend, making New York's event significantly larger than longtime industry flagship San Diego Comic-Con. [Photo: Heather Beschizza]

Creation in bedlam

IMG_2595.JPG Artist CJ Draden (website) works amid the chaos of New York Comic-Con, where more than 125,000 attendees will pack Manhattan's Javits Center this week.


New York Comic-Con's anti-harassment policy


A stronger one than in times past, with the slogan "Cosplay is not Consent" front and center--and certainly stronger than at other conventions which insist harassment isn't a risk worth addressing in detail.

Man-packed "Sexism in tech" panel flops

"In essence, their advice to women was: Work harder, build great things, speak up for yourself, lean in. It got so bad that at one point, the audience started heckling the speakers."

Gadgets held as evidence being remotely wiped

Asked if their investigation was harmed, a police spokeswoman said: "We don't know because we don't know what was on the phone." Guys, just put them in the fridge. [BBC]

Pony walks into English police station, is escorted from premises

"We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security," said a force spokesman.

GIFV is a GIF-to-MP4 converter

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: MP4s that work just like GIFs, the future of the web. But isn't this what Giphy already does?

Microsoft reboots

"Lucrative irrelevance" is the phrase Vanity Fair's Bethany McLean uses to elaborate Microsoft's future under Ballmer. With Ballmer gone, though, does new CEO Satya Nadella offer an alternative?

NADELLAGates and Nadella are adamant that’s not the case, and they are both adept at the sort of big-picture corporate-speak designed to persuade people that the company not only has its act together but also has a vision. In their view, this new world of unlimited computing power, where your devices can connect you anytime, anywhere, should rightfully belong to Microsoft. They even have a catchphrase: “Re-inventing productivity.”

How exciting.

HTC's "Re", a tiny periscope camera


Pitched as an action camera for the rest of us, the $200 tiny Re pairs with Android and iOS smartphones and shoots 1080-lines video at 30fps, or 720-line video at 120fps.

It's a simple proposition of size and functionality. The Verge's Dan Seifert isn't terribly impressed.

HTC says the Re Camera is easier to use than your smartphone because you don't have to frame a shot or worry about opening a camera app before you take pictures. Its ultra-wide lens is supposed to capture everything in the scene for you, so you don't miss anything. And since you're not staring at your phone to take the pictures, you can still enjoy what's going on while you preserve memories for later.

But after using a pre-production version of the Re Camera, I'm not convinced that it's a better option than just using your smartphone to take pictures.

Why WaPo's call for a "golden secure key" is stupid

They're just asking for backdoors in complete ignorance of the facts of computer security, writes Chris Coyne.

"Wearables Is Tough", says Google's "moonshots" chief

About to get tougher, too.

Cop knocks out teen for smoking cigarette

17-year-old Marcel Hamer smoked a cigarette in public, so a police officer pushed him down and punched him in the face, knocking him out: “Do you wanna get fucked up?” [NYMag]

On Trolls

Kathi Sierra on the social dynamics of online abuse: "There is only one reliably useful weapon for the trolls to stop the danger you pose: discredit you."

News is bad for you

Rolf Dobelli: "It leads to fear and aggression, hinders your creativity and ability to think deeply," and you should stop consuming it altogether.