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Is Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret the worst restaurant in France?

A French judge ruled that a scathing restaurant review was "too prominent" in search results, and fined its author for hurting the restaurant's business.

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Microsoft lays off 18,000 workers

There was a fellow from Redmond /
who ruled a while in Finland /
It was an odd little ruse /
but few are amused /
to see them sack eighteen thousand

Reporter sings Happy Birthday to German chancellor and no-one joins in.

Thank God he didn't try to dance. [YouTube]

A German television reporter launched into a rendition of Happy Birthday, Liebe Bundeskanzlerin (dear chancellor) at a news conference in Brussels early on Thursday – but got no backup from his colleagues.

Merkel laughed and said: "I should have sung along, then it would have been better. But thank you."

Original Slip 'N Slide patent, 1961

"In a 1993 recall, consumers were cautioned that only children should use the slides"

This camera shoots 22,000 fps

Tim Moynihan: "The most incredible super-slow-motion videos you’ve ever seen were probably shot with one of Vision Research’s Phantom cameras. They’re as high-speed as they are high-priced; past models have cost more than $100,000 and shot video at frame rates up to 22,000 frames per second at 1,280 x 800 resolution and a million frames per second at a teeny tiny 128x32 resolution."

Optimizing underwear on trips

This chart, by Carrie Smith, is the tl;dr for Reed Kennedy's article "Pack Like a Nerd." [via]

Cookie Monster seen in pasta pot

Animal pasta.jpg

Where is your god now? [CaliG831 via Reddit]

Watermelon stabber arrested

Carmine Cervellino, 49, was charged with threatening after he allegedly "carved a watermelon in a passive-aggressive manner," writes Isaac Avilucea of The Torrington Register Citizen/a>.

Using audio programs to make glitchy images


Turns out using audio effects on image files can have startlingly harmonic results: see the echoed fence here. "A semi-complete documentation of Audacity Effects on image files." [via Kottke]

Geometric beehives made from their sculpted wax


Ren Ri (Weibo) creates sculptures in beeswax.

From HuffPo:

Ren Ri began keeping bees in 2008 and two years later felt his knowledge of honeybees had grown enough to start working on “Yuansu I: The Origin of Geometry”, a collection of maps made of beeswax. And for "Yuansu III" he pressed bees to his face—being stung many times—for a performance piece that explores the relationship between humans and animals. While his chosen medium is sometimes hazardous, it's not just about shock value or gimmicks: “I didn’t intend to do anything viol ent or visually provocative, I just wanted to underline the relation between the human body and bees."

Photos by Alessando De Toni:

RenRiBeesWax6.jpg RenRiBeesWax4.jpg RenRiBeesWax5.jpg RenRiBeesWax8.jpg

If the Doctors Who were American

A pretty great set until the 21st Century, which, um, might be the joke. Burgess Meredith, Dick Van Dyke, Vincent Price, Gene Wilder, Kyle McLachan, Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum. [via Kottke]

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Apple and IBM to hook up for enterprise iOS

TALIGENT2 Arik Hesseldahl at Recode:
Apple and IBM today announced a broad partnership to help companies deploy wireless devices and business-specific applications to run on them. The combination brings together two historical competitors — who decades ago struggled to dominate the nascent market for personal computers — on the next wave of computing in business: Mobile devices with access to complex data running in the cloud.

How to predict news events with 100% success

It's simple, writes Andy Baio: "Delete Your Mistakes."

Church of England OKs women bishops

The Church of England's ruling body will allow women to become bishops. The laity vote was 152 in favor, 45 against, 5 abstaining; bishops voted 37 in favor, 2 against, with one abstention. [BBC]