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Psychedelic sequence from Animalympics

Animalympics was a loony kids' TV movie from 1980 that parodied Olympic broadcasting clichés.

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He-Man was an aryan superhero animated by the son of a Jew who personally beat up Hitler

Lou Scheimer, 1928-2014. Heroes are real, as is irony.

Should employees choose their own job titles?

Yes, of course they should. — Yours sincerely, Cray Pippin Wang, Minister of Machines.

Russia: game art passed off as U.S. propaganda


Russia's state TV network allegedly passed off a humorous video game poster as legit U.S. propaganda. This is not as cool as the DPRK, which uses western video games in its own propaganda.

Porn broadcast on giant public LED screen for 12 minutes

Visitors to Dongfanghong Square in Lanzhou, China, got an unexpected treat yesterday: 12 minutes of porn on a massive public LED display.

According to reports, security guards who noticed the surprising broadcast "cut off the electricity and found the person responsible." The 26-meter screen usually broadcasts material related to the gymnasium upon which it is installed; the worker responsible says he clicked on an ad. He was given a 15-day suspension and ordered to pay a 3,000 Yuan ($500) fine.

Thin, rectangular bottles in standard paper sizes


A nice idea from Australian startup Memobottle. The price is good stiff too though: just $5 $25.

Angry tortoise on loose

37-LS-RexAttention Londoners: Mr. Cross the tortoise has been missing for days, will definitely be even crosser than usual by now, and will nip you. [via]

Ice Bucket Challenge "blatantly satanic"

WorldNetDaily's Selena Owens sees the influence of evil in the popular ALS fundraising drive.

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Silicon Valley's "most hated patent troll" promises reform

Intellectual Ventures fired 140 employees from the shakedown beat and is allegedly going to invest in actual products.

Getty images sues Microsoft over image embedding tool

A lawsuit was filed in federal court Thursday over the Bing Image Widget, which lets you embed image search results--thumbnails!--in your own website.

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New dinosaur

1409844299683 "Dreadnaughtus Schrani was astoundingly huge," said paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara. This may become my second favorite dinosaur after Ankylosaurus, which is the very best dinosaur.

Joan Rivers, 1933-2014

rivers Comedian and TV host Joan Rivers has died, her daughter has said. [BBC]

Pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend remade

Hatoful Boyfriend, an interactive novel where one goes to bird school and dates birds--actual feathered, realistically-rendered avian creatures--is now available in updated form on Steam.

Beer Jelly


Potlicker Beer Jelly exists, and is $9 a jar. [via]

Toddler fight club

A daycare in Columbus, Ohio, fired two teachers after cellphone footage surfaced of "toddlers fighting while adults encouraged it."