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Spider photobombs BBC News broadcast

It is not said, yet one somehow hears, in Graham Stewart's gentle Scots brogue, the word "Nope."

Doraville SWAT team's online video says everything about U.S. police militarization

Catchy tune, Doraville SWAT.

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Humanoid figure spotted on moon

Spotted on Google Moon by "Jasenko", the above figure is clearly and inarguably a humanoid totally standing right there.

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Mythical creatures of lumberjack lore

Wired's Matt Stone collects the monsters imagined by 19th-century lumberjacks in the wilds of North America. My favorite is the deranged splinter cat, reputed to headbutt trees, thereby causing shards of wood to fly everywhere.

The Splinter Cat
Scientific name: Nasusossificatus arbordemolieus
Responsible for: shattered trees

This husky feline is an indiscriminate destroyer of hollow trees, which it mines for bees and raccoons. Climbing a tree, it propels itself off with powerful legs right into another, blasting the trunk with its wedge-shaped snout and reinforced noggin. The experienced frontiersman knows well “the moronic activities of the Splinter Cat,” writes Henry H. Tryon, who published his own Fearsome Critters in 1939, three decades after Cox’s encyclopedia. “If the Cat finds food in the ruptured trunk, he is temporarily appeased. If not, he goes immediately for another tree. And right there is the big trouble. The Cat doesn’t use any judgment in selecting trees, he just smashes one after another until he gets a meal.”

Two-headed dolphin washes ashore


Turkey's Dogan news agency reports that the remains of a conjoined dolphin calf were found on a beach near Izmir. It is thought to have been about a year old at the time of its death.

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The cave monasteries of India

monastery"As startling as Petra," writes William Dalrymple, "but completely overlooked by tourists." [Financial Times]

Muppet crackdown in Times Square


Costumed characters in New York City have a reputation for pressuring tourists into paying them money, leading police to post flyers around Times Square informing visitors, in several languages, that they are under no obligation to do so.

Anti-abortion leaders explain how they stalk and intimidate staff and patients

The Austin Chronicle reports that anti-abortion activists in Texas take photos of people who go to abortion clinics, and use their license plates to keep track of them.

Anti-abortion activists in Texas employ strategies to identify and monitor abortion patients, investigate abortion providers and clinic staff and search tax records to find locations of abortion providers, according to newly released undercover audio.

The audio, from NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas, was recorded during a training session at the Capitol hosted by several anti-abortion groups. Entitled, “Keeping Abortion Facilities Closed," the recording reveals the disturbing lengths anti-abortion advocates take to track, monitor and intimidate abortion providers, clinic staff and patients.

For instance, Karen Garnett of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas instructs the audience on how to track license plates as well as car make, model, and description of the patients visiting abortion clinics and lauds causing cancelled abortion procedures by “lining the sidewalks” of abortion clinics. “You track license plates […] coming into any abortion facility. We have a very sophisticated spreadsheet. This way you can track whether or not a client comes back.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas published recordings of the activists at its website, where they discuss in detail the techniques used:

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Progress Texas released a video containing audio from “Keeping Abortion Facilities Closed,” a training hosted by anti-abortion groups at the State Capitol on August 4, 2014. The video reveals the methods anti-abortion activists currently employ to physically intimidate women from accessing safe and legal abortion care in Texas. The disturbing tactics outlined by the four speakers in the video include: identifying and monitoring patients, providers and clinic staff, lining sidewalks outside clinics to dissuade patients from entering clinics, tracking and cataloguing the physical descriptions and car license plates of patients, and searching tax records to find locations of new abortion providers.

Interview with a self-described con-man

Self-justifying and rather sad, he's pretty much what you'd expect. His sister, though...

1.1m comments received by the FCC about keeping the internet open, visualized

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.03.08 AMWith common arguments grouped into clusters.

Ronin: freeware ninja murder sim

MURDER Tomasz Wacławek's "Ronin is already both one of the most innovative action games I’ve played in years and a superbly clever fighting game in itself," writes Konstantinos Dimopoulos.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer

It all looks very epic and serious and generally unlike The Hobbit: The Book. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm looking forward to someone making a single 100-minute cut of all three movies minus all the extras. [via]

Parody twitter account makes fool of public intellectual

In a fight between a fake journalism professor and Nassim Taleb, who would win? Spoiler: the horse-sized duck. [Awl]

What it's like working for a right-wing outrage site

Dale Eisinger wrote about the war on christmas, Lena Durham's hair, transgender kids and other objects of right-wing fear, fascination, and hatred: "A byline is not just a byline; it’s the signatory on a contract of truth."

The semiotics of "like"

Anil Dash on what it means to like, to fav, to heart.