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Dogs team up in unimaginably cute fashion to retrieve ball


Either that, or the small merle one is unsuccessfully attempting to eat the large black one. Photo credit unknown!

Ally Bingo


The Union of Concerned Feminists (@concernedfems) created this bingo game. Though it was made with the recent 2014 Women in Computing Grace Hopper Celebration event in mind, you can play it at any social gathering where men offer excuses for their lukewarm opposition to sexism.

A self-described "guerilla intervention group" dubbing itself the Union of Concerned Feminists distributed roughly 450 Ally Bingo cards to the audience just before the session took place. These cards condemned the panel as "milquetoast corporate 'feminism'", and urged attendees to "read more about actual feminism in technology", pointing them to this wiki, the Geek Feminism Blog, ModelViewMedia, and The Ada Initiative.

One panel in particular at the Women in Computing event was widely held to have been something of a train wreck. There were many bingo winners in attendance.

If you ever get bored of the current grid, you can randomize a new one using this handy list. This particular version of the Ally Bingo game has antecedents, too -- here, here, here -- each with its own twist.

The Ally Bingo card is released under a Creative Commons license mandating only attribution.

Murderer celebrates release from 30-year term, kills mother

Steven Pratt, 45, was charged with murder after being free for less than 48 hours.

Man startles, irritates colleague with Street Fighter II impressions

Was hoping for a tatsumakisenpukyaku, was disappointed. [PrankstersTV via Digg]

John Oliver with the truth on pumpkin spice

"I don't mean it tastes like a candle smells. Pumpkin spice lattés taste like a candle tastes. Don't ask me how I know that."

Sony RX100 III a "pocket full of miracles"

pSNYNA-DSCRX100M3B_alternate3_v786 Wired reviews the RX100 III, the latest version of Sony's high-end pocket camera. Improvements are praised all-around, particularly the "stunning" 50Mbps video.

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WATCH: shitfaced hovercraft pilot attempting to land

What could go wrong on a short trip from Portsmouth in England to the bucolic Isle of Wight? A hovercraft pilot nearly three times over the legal alcohol limit, that's what.

Richard Pease missed the landing pad, slumped limp in his chair when asked if he was OK, and had to be replaced by a colleague before the craft could be successfully docked. The ship was carrying 36 passengers at the time, and had carried 95 on an earlier trip.

Pease, 50, was breath-tested "some six hours later" and found to be shitfaced. He subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge of being "master of a hovercraft having consumed excess alcohol," and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment. [via]

Batman & Robin director accepts blame for nipple suits

nipples Joel Schumacher: "I think that will be on my gravestone. It’s how I’ll be remembered."

Local UK officials refers FOIA request to the X-files

Asked about its records of paranormal events, Essex Country Council said that it would forward the request to a team of experts named Mulder, Scully, Venkman, Spengler and Stanz. [bbc]

Hitler was a meth head

Unknown Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was addicted to meth-amphetamine, according to documentation recently released by U.S. intelligence services.

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Walking Dead vs Wildlife: the intro

A parody to remind us who’ll have our backs during tomorrow’s zombie holocaust–if we have theirs today.

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A woman walks by security cameras in Harlem, October 10, 2014.

Polygon (1977) — animated short about war's self-sustaining horror

This 1977 Soviet science fiction film by Anatoliy Petrov touches upon war, technology and colonialism.

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Sacrificial goat falls from roof, killing boy

The 13-year-old’s father, Mehmet, had brought the goat into town to sacrifice on Muslim feast day Eid al-Adha. The goat also died. [via]

Oklahoma unveils new death chamber, but will veil it for executions

The Guardian: "A tour of Oklahoma’s state-of-the-art killing room unveils how the state spent thousands on restraints, an electric bed and medical equipment, but also how a theatre of transparency hides actual practices"