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Walking Dead vs Wildlife: the intro

A parody to remind us who’ll have our backs during tomorrow’s zombie holocaust–if we have theirs today.

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A woman walks by security cameras in Harlem, October 10, 2014.

Polygon (1977) — animated short about war's self-sustaining horror

This 1977 Soviet science fiction film by Anatoliy Petrov touches upon war, technology and colonialism.

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Sacrificial goat falls from roof, killing boy

The 13-year-old’s father, Mehmet, had brought the goat into town to sacrifice on Muslim feast day Eid al-Adha. The goat also died. [via]

Oklahoma unveils new death chamber, but will veil it for executions

The Guardian: "A tour of Oklahoma’s state-of-the-art killing room unveils how the state spent thousands on restraints, an electric bed and medical equipment, but also how a theatre of transparency hides actual practices"

Google to sell enormous smartphone

The new Nexus will have a 5.9-inch screen, reports the Wall Street Journal, though that seems, oddly, to be the only thing they report about it.

Apple's Jony Ive: copycat designs are theft

"I don't see it as flattery," he says, noting that he was speaking about the issue generally... "I actually see it as theft."

Microsoft CEO is OK with women asking for raises

Satya Nadella suggested that women shouldn't ask for raises; instead, they should have faith in the system, earning "good karma." He subsequently released a memo saying he was "completely wrong."

Uber and Lyft receive "F" from Better Business Bureau

The hail-a-car services earned the worst possible rating from the bureau, reports the New York Times, with Uber condemned in particular due to "surge pricing" practices that customers find deceptive and excessive.

Good grief, it's Zangief


The Russian wrestler of Street Fighter 2 fame (A.K.A Mike Fass) gets to grips with NYCC. [Photo: Heather Beschizza]

Squirrel transports pizza slice to parallel dimension

Pretty sure the Thermodynamics police need to make an arrest here.

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The strange artifacts of Flipside Creations


Naomi, a staffer with Flipside Creations, talks to a customer at New York Comic-Con Thursday. Flipside's bizarre wondercloset of (mostly wearable) goods ranges from ornate pocket watches to pickled pigs to stuffed tweetybirds. Their store is at

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters cosplayers at NYCC


New York Comic-Con is full of motley fans cosplaying as their favorite characters. I was alarmed, however, to find that inadequate precautions have been taken to protect conference-goers from poltergeists, apparitions and other paranormal entities. I hope the organizers will step up to the plate with an official response to the ectoplasmic menace and get rid of these unwelcome freelancers. (Mike Brown, left, and Josh Hollifield)

Photo: Heather Beschizza

Batman at NYCC


I'm not sure which reboot this was, but I'm going to hazard that it was from the internet.

Prince Philip doll at NYCC


One of the wildest things about the major comic conventions is how broadly beyond that particular medium the focus now ranges. Hollywood movies, video games, general celebrity worship... all part and parcel of the show. For example, here is a highly detailed doll of the cunning and ruthless Prince Philip, a popular character from UK royalty.