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Clothes printed with maps of any location


A fab idea from Rachel Binx, gorgeously executed: skirts and tank tops printed with monochrome maps based on your selected location. [monochome]

E-paper watch


Sony's design is "a thing of minimalist beauty", writes Vlad Savov.

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Our favorite music makes us nicer

A study on the emotions evoked by music found that we behave more altruistically after listening to tunes that chill us out.

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Artist controls water "with mind"—and the help of an EEG

In Eunoia II, Lisa Park hooks herself up to Mindlink/Neurosky-type miniature EEG equipment and uses it to manipulate a beautiful and mysterious arrangement of water bowls. [via]

How maggots and eagles would destroy zombies

Whichever end of the animal coolness spectrum you prefer, there is only doom for the zombie menace. Embedded above, elimination by "a writhing, insatiable mess of maggots"; below, execution at eagle beakpoint.

"The clumsy undead wouldn't have the dexterity to pick off these decomposers, even if they could see or feel them," says naturalist David Mizejewski. "It would just be a matter of time. Stripped off all soft tissue, including brains, the zombies would be reduced to hollowed-out skeletons."

And on Eagles: "Carrion makes up a big portion of the diet of these huge raptors, and nothing intimidates them."

Animals eating the zombies is contingent upon the continued existence of animals. Support the National Wildlife Federation to make sure they're around when the next major outbreak occurs.

Photo: Wikipedia

Last-minute gift ideas

Welcome to this year’s Gift Guide, a piling-high of our most loved items from 2014 and beyond. Books, comics, games, gadgets and much else besides!

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How famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving meals

Jackson+Pollock+Thanksgiving As imagined by Hannah Rothstein. The vomitastic splatter above is, of course, Jackson Pollock. [h/t Heather]

Map of human excrement in San Francisco

poopsf Human Wasteland (via)

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Ferguson grand jury: no indictment for officer who killed unarmed black teen

A woman looks at the memorial set up at the site of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson
A memorial set up at the site of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri, on Nov. 24, 2014.


A St. Louis County grand jury has decided against indicting Darren Wilson, the Ferguson Police Officer who killed unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

Its decision was announced during a 9 p.m. press conference convened to announce the decision, but revealed minutes beforehand by NBC News, citing a "source close to the family." Governor Jay Nixon said that "regardless of the decision, people on all sides [must] show tolerance, mutual respect and restraint."

The jury could have also have chosen to indict Wilson on charges of first or second degree murder, or voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.

The fatal shooting sparked weeks of protests in the suburb, some turning into confrontations with authorities, drawing attention to racial divisions both local and national.

Police claim that Brown attacked Wilson in his patrol car and reached for his weapon, but Brown died some 30 feet or more from the vehicle, from multiple gunshot wounds, and was said to be surrendering by eyewitnesses. His body lay in the street for several hours. Police were also accused of withholding details of their own investigation in the days following Brown's death—and of implicating him in an earlier robbery of which Wilson was apparently unaware at the time of their confrontation.

Brown's death came after years of mistrust between authorities and residents in the St. Louis suburb, whose a diverse and predominantly black population is policed almost exclusively by white officers.

The grand jury consists of seven men and give women. Three of the jurors are black.

Protests are expected after the grand jury's decision is revealed. Governor Jay Nixon pre-emptively declared a state of emergency and mobilized the National guard.

Police and protestors, according to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, have agreed upon some proposed "rules of engagement" to avoid tension and violence. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder asked for restraint from both protestors and police.

Earlier today, The New York Daily News reported that Wilson married on Oct. 24. while in hiding. CNN reported that he has been looking into tell-all interviews with major TV networks.

Shitsplosion injures 15

An excrement-filled cesspool exploded in the central Chinese city of Zhangjiaje, injuring 15 people and causing a nearbly building to collapse.

Woman buried as man

When Jennifer Gable died suddenly, her family cut her hair, put her in a suit, buried her as a man, and published an obit with a name she had not used in many years.

90c64a684a143a79c93938f207e390c5_400x400Jennifer Gable, an Idaho transgender woman who died of a brain aneurysm in October, was presented at an open casket and buried as a man by her family.

Gone was Gable’s long, wavy brown hair and smokey eye shadow shown in several Facebook photos.

In her place, friends found Geoffrey Charles Gable wearing a striped suit at Magic Valley Funeral Home, her hair cut short, according to photos obtained by the Daily News, and an obituary that skipped a decade of her life.

Make a will.

Woman accidentally kills self with gun bought for Ferguson unrest

After purchasing the weapon, the victim is claimed to have "jokingly saying the couple were ready for Ferguson" while waving it around in a moving car, leading to a minor accident, during which the gun went off.

Gorgeous wooden PC modeled on old-timey radio

373 "My idea of a compact yet powerful gaming PC with a little style added," writes Jeffrey Stephenson, creator of beautiful wooden computers. "Best viewed with Marvin Gaye playing in the background."

Zombie-killing animal of the week: Alligators

With some beasties -- birds, bugs, bacteria -- it's easy to dismiss their zombie-killing powers simple by adjusting the zombie scenario at hand. Alligators, however, are another thing entirely.

"Once almost totally wiped out, alligators are now numerous due to protections under the Endangered Species Act," says David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation. "Any zombie that lumbered into fresh water ponds, lakes streams or swamps would likely fall prey to them, who, with their extremely powerful bite, would feast on zombie flesh. "

Animals eating the zombies is contingent upon the continued existence of animals. Support the National Wildlife Federation to make sure they're around, when the next major outbreak occurs, to make the zombie apocalypse an effortless breeze for mankind.

Check back next week to see how another type of beast would deal with The Walking Dead.

Lego's egalitarian instructions from the 1970s

B3CBAMFCMAAzkMa.jpg-large This is going around the 'net like lightning. It's wonderful, but is it real? How likely is it that Lego would have used a proportional Times-esque typeface--with such sloppy layout--in the early 1970s? Here it is compared to one cut of Times New Roman, which is very similar (including that flat serif atop the p) tnrce

And on the other side, faintly visible through the paper! fdhdfh

Update: Convincing evidence of its authenticity, courtesy of BB reader walt74. cata_german_1974_008

Caturday splatterday


Dad hurls chair at judge after light sentence handed to driver who killed his daughter

A judge failed to throw to book at a driver who killed a child, so the child's father threw a chair at her. From RTL Nieuws, translated automatically:

The father of a two year old girl who was killed last year in Meijel has thrown a chair to the court out of frustration.

The incident took place when the court in Roermond the cause of the accident, a 33-year-old Polish man, sentenced to community service of 120 hours. Check out the images rotated by the regional station L1.

The chair came just before the right to the ground. The father was put out of the courtroom by the police.

The accident, including the grandfather (67) and grandmother (64) of the child were killed, occurred last May in a gentle curve to the Heldense Dijk Meijel.

The court considered it proven that the man had his car out of control, went swinging and eventually ended up on a bike and rode the victims death. Unproven find the court that he has a lot of driving too fast.

The prosecutor, who had two weeks ago demanded fifteen months, has appealed. That protects the police investigation gives the impression that the man has certainly driven 120 kilometers. Spot a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour applies.

120 hours of community service! I got in more trouble for making "wine" in a cistern at school when I was 14.

[via Reddit]


More accurate Batman logo


He is a person, not a bat. Darren Cullen has improved the legendary logo; pray that he does not improve it further.

Hitler painting could be yours

HITLER-PAINTING A rare Hitler is up for auction and is expected to fetch at least $60,000 when the hammer falls at Nuremberg’s Weidler auction house. Purchased in 1916, the watercolor depicts Munich's old city hall and is currently owned by two elderly sisters. The 11x8.5" work includes an original bill of sale and a letter confirming, in the 1940s, that it was an authentic Adolf Hitler painting; the artist had by then moved on to a career in politics and achieved a measure of public notability.

Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Map of bizarre British place names

buttsetc Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick sell this map, in traditional and wordcloud form, for £22. If you ever visit, take the time to visit beautiful Shitterton, Lickham Bottom, and Marston Bigot.

Abandonware heroes

2 Gizmodo's Kate Knibbs reports on people who do the hard work of recovering and restoring forgotten games, so that they may be remembered—and, Heaven forbid, played again.

History of video game graphics

Video game graphics, explained in gruff Estuary English. Part 2 below!

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Dystopia tends to be dishonest


"Dystopian" films often depict an otherwise appealing future ruined by uncontroversial woes such as totalitarian government and environmental apocalypse.

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Cringe at Sony's new Playstation Vita ad—and a '90s precursor that made Sega look sleazy

Sony’s Playstation advertising used to be clever and weird and manipulative. Now it just makes me think of a ship burning faster than it can sink.


Here's more from the same campaign, apparently. It's so dumb I'm convinced it must be fake! Here's the source.

In the UK, at least, the marketing of self-conscious sleaze ’n’ sexism at a narrow teenage male market is what made Sega uncool in the early-mid 1990s—especially to teen boys. Here's one of their ads from the time, where "Sega CD" is enunciated as "Sega Seedy":

Beijing's smog problem illustrated with a year's worth of daily photos


Beijing resident Zou Yi set out to illustrate the pollution problem in the city' by taking the same photo, at the same time each day, and creating a mosaic of the resulting images. The result is an unsettling mix of sunlit color and monochrome doomscapes.

"Like a lot of people," he said in an interview with CEN, "I forget [PM2.5] readings as soon as I read them. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you see the same place, at the same time over a full year, the quality of the air becomes perceptible immediately."

You can follow Zou on Weibo.


Valencia FC' soccer team's new logo mysteriously familiar


DC Comics' lawyers object to the new design, for some reason!

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Bionic arm's "masturbation mode" surprises France

A guest on a French television show demonstrates a useful feature of his high-tech prosthetic arm. (Alas, it is merely a comedy show.)

Saddest mugshot ever

upload_2014-11-20_at_8-34-44_am A perfect evening in Florida: order food, on bicycle, at a just-closed Taco Bell's drive-through, refuse to leave, fight cops, then attain epiphany concerning the nature of the evening while being booked at Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Boy now magnetic after electrical shock


Spoons just magically stick to this youngster. It must have something to do with science.

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Law licenses are expensive to get

The application is $950, you have to buy $100 software to take the exam, and using a credit card incurs a $15 "processing fee," but this isn't an MLM scam: "There’s been a lot of debate recently about whether a law degree is a smart investment anymore," writes Megan H., "and generally, the answer is maybe not."