Mozilla Send: a single-serving website that lets you send a file to someone

Mozilla's lets you send an encrypted file privately to anyone else, providing an automatically-expiring link.

Jacob Kastrenakes:

It supports files up to 1GB, and after uploading something, it’ll give you a link to send to someone else. That link will expire once they’ve downloaded it or once 24 hours have passed. So someone else’s procrastination is really your biggest limitation here. Files are also encrypted as they’re uploaded, and Mozilla says it “does not have the ability to access the content of your encrypted file.”
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World getting better all the time

However sad things are at home, the trend worldwide is looking good. [via] Then consider this; and this: Read the rest

Bulleit family, of bourbon whiskey fame, denounced by daughter

Hollis Bulleit publicly accused her own family, makers of a popular brand of bourbon whiskey, of homophobia.

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Assistant police chief unrepentant after posting racist cartoon, but will lose job

Wayne Welsh, assistant police chief in Estherwood, La., posted a cartoon to social media depicting a mother holding a young girl under water with the caption "When your daughters(sic) first crush is a negro boy." KATC reports that he at first defended his posting in the initial outcry, but will lose his job all the same.

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Armed with leaked transcript, Politico exposes all of Wall Street Journal's chummy interview with Trump

It seems someone at the Wall Street Journal wasn't happy with how its interview with President Trump came out, because the raw transcript—revealing plenty of "meat left on the proverbial carcass"—ended up being published at a different venue.

In this case, that perception [of the Journal's obsequious smarm] will also be fed by the Journal’s decision not to release a more complete transcript. Plenty of reporters have declined to challenge Trump on each outrageous claim he makes. Others have shown a willingness to engage in small talk and stroke Trump’s ego. But their outlets have been largely transparent in reproducing those conversations for the record. By failing to follow the precedent set by other newsrooms, the Journal played into the narrative that it has taken a softer approach.

One thing the transcript exposes is how Trump's compulsive, obvious lies ("the leader of the Boy Scouts told him his jamboree speech was “the greatest speech ever made to them.”") are politely ignored despite being perfectly topical and worthy of fact-checking and reporting. Friendly media smooths over his endless bullshit, while adversarial media takes it at face value. All agree that the resulting circus is worth it, but don't care much to think whether it was worth it. Read the rest

Man cuts his PC cables to a perfectly satisfying length

I've built several computers in my life and the interior results are invariably a tangled nest of cabling left for years unseen, opened only for rare upgrades that expose the forlorn insect civilizations that grew and died in the warm nylon-braided lint maze which they surely worshipped.

This guy, though, he knows what he's doing. Read the rest

Public-domain Arabic pixel font

Alex Clay created "Arabic Pixel," which is to his knowledge the world's first public domain (CC0) Arabic font. Read the rest

Footage reportedly shows more Baltimore cops planting evidence

Baltimore's public defenders say they've got more video of local cops planting evidence, and it's already led to more criminal charges being dropped.

The new footage, as yet unreleased to the public, is unrelated to the bodycam video released last month that exposed other Baltimore cops placing drugs at a crime scene.

Mosby also said a second video had been flagged by prosecutors as potentially problematic, but declined to describe that video. She said it had been forwarded to Internal Affairs for review. Police said it “involves two arrests and the recovery of drugs from a car during a traffic stop.”

Police also said there is a gap in the video “before the final recovery of additional drugs” that is now being investigated. They did not say whether any officers had been reprimanded or had their status changed pending that investigation. ... Debbie Katz Levi, who heads the special litigation section in the Baltimore public defender office, slammed Mosby’s office for a “lack of transparency” about the number of videos of concern that have been found.

“The lack of transparency to the public and refusal to disclose to the defense both prejudices defendants and violates the prosecutor’s constitutional obligations,” Levi said. “Hundreds of individuals are awaiting trial on cases that rely on these officers, and hundreds more have likely been convicted based on their testimony.”

It's good that they're getting caught, and a reminder exactly why police must not be able to control their own cams and why the footage must generally be available on-demand to public defenders and the public itself. Read the rest

Corn silo collapse gets hotter than expected

I tried to make a "flamethrower" with a bag of flour and a hairdryer when I was a kid. It wasn't very reliable, but it got the job done.

July 31, 2017 at approximately 1:00 pm. Switz City, Indiana. White Farms Inc. Overhead tank collapsed full of corn. It hit a power line on the way down and sparked the grain dust igniting the dust and causing the flash. We are very fortunate that there were no injuries!

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The best driver in Los Angeles

You just don't see skill and expertise like this in Pittsburgh.

Just another day in LA

It happen around 7:47am

Was on my way to work and stopped by to get a donut & a monster to start my morning then BAM! Car crashed!

Aftermath: Guy speeds off, 10-15 seconds after Cops/EMT show up and bystanders found his license plate on the floor, not 100% sure what happen afterwards.

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Nominative Determinism

Nominative determinism: "the hypothesis that people tend to gravitate towards areas of work that fit their names."

Exhibit A.

Police are confident that 59-year-old John Burns has a connection to at least 19 arsons on Sharon’s west side. All of those fires have happened since the beginning of this year.

At this point, he is only charged with one count of attempted arson and one count of causing or risking catastrophe. ... Over the past two years, the total number of fires in Sharon is estimated to be near 30.

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Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio found guilty

Joe Arpaio, the notoriously brutal and racist former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, was found guilty of criminal contempt, report correspondents from the courthouse in Phoenix. He'll be sentenced in October.

The charges stem from Arpaio's illegal roundups of dark-skinned people, ostensibly illegal immigrants, which were condemned as racial profiling in an earlier court ruling. Arpaio refused to stop the patrols, and was therafter charged and today convicted. Read the rest

Reader reviews for animal medication tell a grim story about human healthcare in America

If you want an idea how desperately bad the U.S. healthcare system is for those unable to afford it, the reader reviews on Moxifish—aquarium antibiotics—make for grim reading.

Worked in two days! My fish no longer has a tooth infection:) lol
My fish started work at a new job and his insurance hadn't kicked in yet. Well, of course, my fish got a bad case of bronchitis or something like that. Nevertheless, we decided to get him some meds and boom! Within 2 days he was all new again and just kept swimming!
My fish got bronchitis the first week of a new job and didn't have the time or money to go see a doctor. I received these quickly after ordering them and now my fishy's nasty cough is gone!
My fish have been sick for two weeks straight and having trouble sleeping at night. I finally figured out that the fish have a bad sinus infection and swollen glands. After just a few hours the swelling is gone and my fish can breath again. They were even outside all day building a shed and didn't feel sick at all. :).

$40 for thirty 500mg amoxycillin capsules isn't a good deal, and it seems likely the reader reviews have become more about the joke than the broke. But doctor visits can cost hundreds of dollars without insurance (and $50 or more with it), alternatives are not easily accessible, so here we are.

P.S. survivalists have long suggested stocking up on pet antibiotics for the comic-book apocalypse. Read the rest

The first traveling library

Said to be the first example of a portable, miniaturized selection of books, this 17th-century traveling library toured England and was reportedly commissioned by William Hakewill, MP., who liked it so much he made several more.

The miniature library was contained in a wooden case, bound in brown turkey leather, disguising it as a large folio volume, containing three shelves of gold-tooled vellum-bound books.

Now it may not be backlit or be able to use Wi-Fi, but back in 17th century England only four families were lucky enough to have one.

Stella Butler, University Librarian and Keeper of the Brotherton Collection, said: 'The Jacobean travelling library - one of only four made - dates from 1617 and is one of the most curious items in the Brotherton Collection. The miniature books are contained in a wooden case disguised to look like a large book. It's essentially a 17th century e-book reader such as a Kindle.'

Is there a good "briefcase 'o books" you can buy nowadays? You can get plenty of sets, for sure, including miniature encyclopedias and classic fiction, but none are designed to travel. Read the rest

Man steals chicken and biscuits, say police

A Bronx restaurant has one less chicken today, according to reports from ABC News in New York, with the pollo purloiner also making off with a tray of biscuits.

Employees are reportedly "crying foul."

After taking the food, the suspect flew the coop.

The suspect is described as a man with long braids. He was last seen wearing a black and pink shirt, blue jeans and blue sneakers. He also had a white towel over his head.

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Cat adopts orphaned hedgehogs

The story varies depending on the source—momma being killed by a trap, run over by a car, lawnmowered, etc—but in all cases the result is this video of a pile of baby hedgehogs suckling on a cat.

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Mistral, a brilliant yet widely-abused typeface that could rise again

Forget Comic Sans and Papyrus, writes John Brownlee. Mistral is the font to hate.

This is a font created to exemplify everything sophisticated and elegant about postwar France. Yet over the course of the 21st century, Mistral has become positively unmoored a font just as likely to be used on a cheap tube of lip gloss or the flickering neon sign of an Amsterdam porn shop as it is on the label of your sandals, or the side of your uncle’s yacht.

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