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Hitler painting could be yours

HITLER-PAINTING A rare Hitler is up for auction and is expected to fetch at least $60,000 when the hammer falls at Nuremberg’s Weidler auction house. Purchased in 1916, the watercolor depicts Munich's old city hall and is currently owned by two elderly sisters. The 11x8.5" work includes an original bill of sale and a letter confirming, in the 1940s, that it was an authentic Adolf Hitler painting; the artist had by then moved on to a career in politics and achieved a measure of public notability.

Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Map of bizarre British place names

buttsetc Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick sell this map, in traditional and wordcloud form, for £22. If you ever visit, take the time to visit beautiful Shitterton, Lickham Bottom, and Marston Bigot.

Abandonware heroes

2 Gizmodo's Kate Knibbs reports on people who do the hard work of recovering and restoring forgotten games, so that they may be remembered—and, Heaven forbid, played again.

History of video game graphics

Video game graphics, explained in gruff Estuary English. Part 2 below!

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Dystopia tends to be dishonest


"Dystopian" films often depict an otherwise appealing future ruined by uncontroversial woes such as totalitarian government and environmental apocalypse.

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Cringe at Sony's new Playstation Vita ad—and a '90s precursor that made Sega look sleazy

Sony’s Playstation advertising used to be clever and weird and manipulative. Now it just makes me think of a ship burning faster than it can sink.


Here's more from the same campaign, apparently. It's so dumb I'm convinced it must be fake! Here's the source.

In the UK, at least, the marketing of self-conscious sleaze ’n’ sexism at a narrow teenage male market is what made Sega uncool in the early-mid 1990s—especially to teen boys. Here's one of their ads from the time, where "Sega CD" is enunciated as "Sega Seedy":

Beijing's smog problem illustrated with a year's worth of daily photos


Beijing resident Zou Yi set out to illustrate the pollution problem in the city' by taking the same photo, at the same time each day, and creating a mosaic of the resulting images. The result is an unsettling mix of sunlit color and monochrome doomscapes.

"Like a lot of people," he said in an interview with CEN, "I forget [PM2.5] readings as soon as I read them. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you see the same place, at the same time over a full year, the quality of the air becomes perceptible immediately."

You can follow Zou on Weibo.


Valencia FC' soccer team's new logo mysteriously familiar


DC Comics' lawyers object to the new design, for some reason!

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Bionic arm's "masturbation mode" surprises France

A guest on a French television show demonstrates a useful feature of his high-tech prosthetic arm. (Alas, it is merely a comedy show.)

Saddest mugshot ever

upload_2014-11-20_at_8-34-44_am A perfect evening in Florida: order food, on bicycle, at a just-closed Taco Bell's drive-through, refuse to leave, fight cops, then attain epiphany concerning the nature of the evening while being booked at Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Boy now magnetic after electrical shock


Spoons just magically stick to this youngster. It must have something to do with science.

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Law licenses are expensive to get

The application is $950, you have to buy $100 software to take the exam, and using a credit card incurs a $15 "processing fee," but this isn't an MLM scam: "There’s been a lot of debate recently about whether a law degree is a smart investment anymore," writes Megan H., "and generally, the answer is maybe not."

Ferret takes amazing leap

You know what's coming, but it doesn't make it any less breathtaking when it happens. [Video Link, via]

How TV legend Glen Larson transformed science fiction

battlestar_galactica_classic The producer behind Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica was often mocked as derivative, but he brought home screeen science fiction for generation X.

Hip shop name generator

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.36.35 AM [Link]

Britain's pink-painted poo aims to shame irresponsible dog owners


The London Borough of Camden has a new weapon in its eternal fight against dog poo: pink spray paint. The idea is to embarrass dog owners who fail to pick up after their animals—and they've offered cans of paint to local residents who wish to participate in the program.

The mess will not be subsequently cleaned up, officials say, to ensure that the highlighted excrement remains as much a public eyesore as possible.

"It's about embarrassing the people who aren't picking up the poo after their dogs," Camden's cabinet member for the environment, Sally Gimson, told the Evening Standard. "The whole point is really to embarrass dog owners who are doing it to say 'we have noticed you've done it and you shouldn't be doing it'."

According to Childrens' BBC, Staffordshire council tried the same trick in 2010, as did a community group in Warminster and at least one other city. West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, is also painting poo pink.

Note: if your poo is pink, lay off the pepto-bismol cocktails.

Winnie the Pooh denounced as hermaphrodite


The beloved character of childrens' book and animated feature film has been banned from a Polish playground.

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Home-sprucing tips

A cheap DIY list to make home a little more welcoming. [Popsugar]

Unpublished Gor Books

Rob Beschizza presents these delightful and unexpected finds in the long-running saga of female humiliation and slavery.

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Man calmly sips drink as brawl erupts around him

A man in Russia watches unfazed as a bunch of troublemakers stream into the cafe and reduce it to chaos, sending other customers fleeing.

Air freshener thief sought

Police in New Orleans are hunting for a man who stole 30 (thirty) air fresheners from Family Dollar. The air fresheners have a street value of more than $200.

Surprise Nokia Android tablet


The non-Microsoft remains of Nokia is releasing an Android tablet in 2015. The $250 N1 has a 7.9" display, an Intel Atom processor, and look just like an iPad.

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Uber exec boasts of plans to attack critical journalist

88252-largeUber executive Emil Michael boasted privately about plans to harass reporters critical of the company, reports Buzzfeed, revealing a specific intent to attack journalist Sarah Lacy and expose private information about her. Lacy responds with with a follow-up to her earlier warning about the company's attitude to women.

Ruining her life? Manufacturing lies? Going after her family? Apparently it’s all part of what Uber has described as its “political campaign” to build a $30 billion (and counting) tech company. A campaign that David Plouffe was hired to “run,” that’s looking more like a pathetic version of play acting House of Cards than a real campaign run by a real political professional. Because step one of an illegal smear campaign against a woman is: Don’t brag about it to a journalist at a party.

The woman in question? The woman that this Uber executive has vowed to go to nearly any lengths to ruin, to bully into silence? Me. ... And lest you think this was just a rogue actor and not part of the company’s game plan, let me remind you Kalanick telegraphed exactly this sort of thing when he sat on stage at the Code Conference last spring and said he was hiring political operatives whose job would be to “throw mud.” I naively thought he just meant Taxi companies. Let me also remind you: This is a company you trust with your personal safety every single time you use it. Let me also remind you: The executive in question has not been fired.

Lacy reports that Michael called her personal cellphone after Buzzfeed's story broke, wanting to speak off the record. If that beggars belief, consider that the call itself perhaps made the point he wanted to make.

Arthur Rankin Jr., 1924–2014

The co-director of legendary stop-motion TV specials Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman—and later of cel-animated hits The Hobbit and Thundercats--died at his Bermuda home in January.

Dismembered man "packaged neatly"

A gentleman in England chopped up his dad, put the parts in storage boxes, then used the boxes as a TV stand, reports the BBC.

Analogue NEO is a beautiful, vintage-style arcade system

AnalogueNEO-storethumb Personally, I like my arcade cabinets as authentic as my scanlines: dark and peeling, covered in cigarette burns and keyed graffiti, the buttons tacky with soda and fingerslime. But if you want yours to be made of ebonized ash--and focused on the perfect embodiment of the classic NEO GEO system--the Analogue NEO is clearly your $1,500 dream come true.

The Analogue NEO is an all-in-one NEOGEO Arcade System. It is handcrafted in the USA from 100% ash and finished through a process of ebonizing.We designed the Analogue NEO to have all of the original features of an SNK Big Red MVS cabinet, including the ability to use the original, physical memory card. The Analogue NEO is compatible with modern HDTVs and old school CRTs and PVMs. From the memory card, Seimitsu buttons and joystick, to the original SNK MV1C motherboard - the Analogue NEO is the ultimate all-in-one portable arcade system.

by Christmas 2014

Original SNK MV1C (no emulation)
2 Players
Video: RGB, Component, S-Video & Composite
Audio: Stereo Sound
Original Seimitsu Joystick and buttons in the classic NEOGEO colors.
Memory Card Adapter (2 switchable memory banks, compatible with all NEOGEO systems)

Analogue NEO system
Memory Card
AV Cable of your choice (RGB/SCART, Component, or S-video & Composite) Power Supply

Size & Weight
26x10x2.75 11lbs

There are also the less expensive models, too. [via Uncrate]

TV anchor wears same suit for a year

8fc8cfcb-c1ed-47d4-a78c-cbd7c1ca4c9b-620x372 He did it after criticism of his female co-anchors', just to see if anyone would even notice a man's fashion faux pas.

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Calling it already: China's "Chick Chick" is the song of the year

By Sinopop star genius Wang Rong. via Laughing Squid.

Diarrhea Cruise docks at LA

A norovirus outbreak aboard the Crown Princess infected 172 people on the Pacific cruise, including 14 crew members. A spokesperson for Princess Cruises said the ship will receive a stringent "deep cleaning".

Apple worth more than entire Russian stock market

Its capitalisation overtook the combined value of all Russian public companies, writes Srinivasan Sivabalan.