The Distillery No. 209 story is one of handcrafted gin

The message brought to you by our sponsor Distillery No. 209, purveyors of handcrafted gin.

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New Commemorative Edition of Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Medal Winner THE GRAVEYARD BOOK

In commemoration of more than 1 million copies sold, this special paperback edition of The Graveyard Book features a gorgeous metallic gold cover, new content from Neil Gaiman, and sketches by illustrator Dave McKean.

Content Vs. Technology: What’s Your Story?

When it comes to storytelling, where are design and technology taking us? “Whatever is next in storytelling, design, and technology, it will always be about rendering emotional transportation—capturing attention and converting it into intention,” says Hollywood producer Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment. “Every story has a call to action.” Guber is one of 14 leaders in the entertainment industry who will decode the DNA of storytelling, design, and technology at the second annual Envision Symposium in Monterey, California.

Holiday gifts for the budget audiophile

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The sounds and music of the holidays are as much a part of the experience as great food and time with your loved ones. These gifts show the ones you love that you're listening:

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Holiday gifts for the bath!

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Bathroom enhancements for the discerning restroom aficionado with a penchant for high technology, deep geekery, and wet whimsy:

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Music to accompany even the most accomplished shower-singer! This showerhead packs bluetooth connectivity to an embedded speaker!

Crayola Bath Dropz Make bathing a bright and colorful experience, add color to your bath water!

• Adventure Time Fleece Bathrobes Perfect for wearing around the treehouse early in the morning. Wearing one of these, you'll always turn out perfect bacon pancakes.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale The Fitbit tracker gives you a wonderful idea of how much energy you burn. This wifi enabled scale syncs your weight with your activity data and makes fitness 'smarter.'

Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Tiles Touch the tiles to make them change color!

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The Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

"No one listened to it. But there it is, forever – the quintessence of articulated punk. And no one goes near it." - Lou Reed, August 2013

“Cited by nearly every group in punk's long lineage and by more than a few arty types, the Velvets defined New York rock, poised between street-level grit and literary irony, rock simplicity and minimalistic drones, clarity and noise.”– The New York Times

The Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat is one of the most confrontational and inspirational second albums ever made by a rock band. Read the rest

Holiday gifts for the kitchen!

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Every holiday, someone spends a lot of time in the kitchen preparing all the amazing things we eat. These gifts are handpicked by us to help make spending time in the kitchen a little more joyful:

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It’s Survival of the Fittest on Samsung’s “SOS Island”

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Can you really survive on a deserted island with only your smartphone? The 16 contestants on Samsung’s interactive, online, live-stream reality series “SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest” have been giving it their best shot – and they’ve got the awesome footage to prove it! Trained by survival expert Les Stroud to compete on a deserted island for two weeks, the adventurers have been performing Herculean tasks and recording their efforts on Samsung GALAXY S4 zoom and GALAXY NX Cameras.

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Interview with Wrong director Quentin Dupieux

var rnd = window.rnd || Math.floor(Math.random() * 1e16); document.write(''); The following is a sponsored post:

There’s nothing quite right about this hilariously delirious clip from Wrong, which hits theaters throughout the country this Friday and is already available on iTunes, featuring a suspicious gardner explaining the impossible overnight transformation of an everyday Californian palm tree to an evergreen. Its one of the many, many things wrong with Wrong from director Quentin Dupieux.

After directing just a mere handful of features, Dupieux (aka international electro-musician Mr. Oizo) has already established himself as one of the modern cinema’s foremost fearless surrealists who refuses to play by the rules. The Cannes Film Festival selected Rubber about a serial homicidal tire (yes, a car tire), the viral short and soon-to-be feature Wrong Cops starring Marilyn Manson and now his latest comedic brainbomb Wrong all seem to be constructs of the same wholly original and strange deadpan daymare. With a laser-sharp eye, a pranksterish wit and the airy rhythm of a ballet dancer, this filmmaker has zapped a fully-formed artistic vision into our collective space.

Wrong follows “Reno 911”’s Jack Plotnick after he loses his beloved dog and encounters a barrage of bizarro human roadblocks in his journey including a feces-hunting pet detective (Steve Little from "Eastbound And Down") and an ponytailed, face-scarred guru (a flat-out brilliant William Fichtner). This surreal comedy guides you through a fascinating and hallucinatory universe to which you’ll want to book repeat accommodations. In this interview, Dupieux chats about Wrong, his unique brand of nightmarish comedy, the construction an unconscious dimension and working with Plotnick. Read the rest

LG Monitor Gives New Meaning to Color Precision

This post is sponsored by LG Electronics. Discover the LG IPS Color Prime Monitor.

LG’s ColorPrime IPS LED Monitor is a must-have for anyone who makes a living or has a passion for graphic design, photography video creation, or any other design-related projects. That’s because the 27-inch monitor has 99 percent coverage of Adobe RGB, which is essential if color precision is a key part of your work.  

The picture quality even goes beyond the standard HD that you’re used to. In fact, the built-in Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) is four times the resolution at 2560 x 1440, ensuring you can see all the detail necessary in everything you view.  

The LG ColorPrime makes multitasking a breeze, too, with it’s one-click 4-Screen Split feature, so you can work on multiple projects at once in various configurations without having to click back and forth.  

Whether you’re laying out design, editing video, or touching up an illustration, you can count on the LG ColorPrime Monitor for supreme color accuracy.   Read the rest

Eco-friendly stuffies and Postmodernist socks from American Apparel

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Stuff those stockings with stuffies and stockings! From the American Apparel/Boing Boing Style Gift Guide:

Scrappies: Environmentally friendly stuffed animals featuring 100% recycled stuffing, and an exterior made from reclaimed neon fabrics that, ordinarily, would have been destined for landfills.

Calf-High Memphis Sock: Inspired by the Memphis Design Movement of the 70's and 80's.

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Solar watch, colorful beanies, and other gifts!

This post is sponsored by American Apparel:

Dig the timeless timepiece and these bright beanies from the American Apparel/Boing Boing Style Gift Guide! Above, the Casio Batteryless Solar Stainless Steel Digital Watch, $78, and Unisex Cuffed Acrylic Lined Beanies, 36 colors for $20 each. Many more happy mutant gift ideas in the American Apparel/Boing Boing Style Gift Guide! Read the rest

American Apparel style gift guide

This post sponsored by American Apparel:

Seeking stylish gifts for the happy mutants in your life? American Apparel has moved way, WAY beyond t-shirts and hoodies. Here's a fine selection of sweatshop-free items from the USA's most colorful and comfortable vertically-integrated manufacturer, along with some classic products from other iconic brands:

Casio Batteryless Solar Stainless Steel Digital Watch: A twenty-year old design that remains, er, timeless.

Quilted Laptop Bag: Nylon, front pocket, 10 1/8" x 14 3/8," durable.

Unisex Fisherman's Pullover: 100% cotton, choice of 21 (!) colors and patterns.

Calf-High Memphis Sock: Inspired by the Memphis Design Movement of the 70's and 80's.

Red Wing Chukka Boot: An American Heritage product, Red Wing Shoes have been handcrafted in the US for more than 100 years.

Nylon Cordura® School Bag: Adjustable straps, choice of 29 (!) color ways.

Unisex Cuffed Acrylic Lined Beanie: Available in 36 (!) colors and patterns

Scrappies: Environmentally friendly stuffed animals featuring 100% recycled stuffing, and an exterior made from reclaimed neon fabrics that, ordinarily, would have been destined for landfills. Read the rest

Does your family rock? Enter this contest!

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai. Think your family rocks? Show us by uploading a photo of your family rocking out. Enter now for a chance to win great prizes.

Do your family values include kindness, sharing, and hard work? That's nice, but boring. How about loud music, pranks, epic adventures, and intergenerational rabble-rousing? In short, does your family rock? If so, you should enter the Hyundai and Rolling Stone My Family Rocks Contest. All you need to do is upload a photo of you and your kin at your most rocking, along with 500 words or less about you and your family. Prizes include a photo shoot in Rolling Stone, a trip to the Grammy Awards, and a sweet Hyundai Santa Fe "Custom Rock 'N' Roller" complete with a flaming paint job!

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