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Classic adventure game hero Gabriel Knight returns for remake

But what can he tell us about Voodoo? Brian Easton hopes for more.Read the rest

With 10 consoles in one, does the Retron 5 have what it takes?

The unstylish but ultra-compatible console promises a nostalgic treat for casual and committed gamers alike, writes Brian Easton. Read the rest

Review: Pebble e-paper watch

69k backers. $10m in the can. But now that the Pebble E-paper watch is showing up on our wrists, was it worth it? Brian Easton is unsure.Read the rest

Gunpoint: sneak around and rewire world to trick foes

Gunpoint puts you in the role of a freelance spy, performing jobs for the highest bidder. Joining elements of Taito classic Elevator Action and puzzle-based hacking sims, it's a one-man heist experience complete with guns, gadgets, and carefully-laid plans. Everything can fall apart at any moment.

Since an early alpha-stage walkthrough, described by developer Tom Francis as “an ugly, awkwardly voiced video”, I've desperately wanted to play. Francis, a writer for PC Gamer UK, isn’t a programmer by trade. Looking at Gunpoint, you wouldn’t know it: the user-friendly GameMaker development environment and a call for artists and musicians helped bring it from idea to reality within months.

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