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Andrea James

Andrea James is a writer, director, producer and activist based in Los Angeles. Her work often focuses on consumer activism, the free culture movement, exogenous mysticism, humor, and LGBT rights.

WATCH: Papercraft master creates gorgeous insects

Filmmaker Alex Sans shot this lovely short about a day at Lobulo Studio, a renowned papercraft design studio. It includes making of a 3D lettering project and the beautiful insects below:




More cool projects at the Lobulo Studio site.

Rolling Stone fired a writer over his bad Hootie and the Blowfish review

Hootie and the Blowfish

Hootie and the Blowfish

Rolling Stone has announced they won't change policies or staff following their retraction of "A Rape on Campus." What has prompted past action? Complaining about a yanked Hootie and the Blowfish review, later published in City Pages.

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Colorful holi powders make striking, vibrant portraits

Photographer Szymon Swietochowski created these stunning staff portraits for Polish ad agency Ars Thanea.

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WATCH: BioBots, remote-controlled iBionic insects

North Carolina State University researchers are wiring up Madagascar hissing roaches with remote-control steering, with a long-term goal to use roaches, moths, and other insects as data-gathering vehicles in inaccessible places like disaster sites.

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WATCH: 3D Printed Alien Xenomorph costume

James Bruton at XRobots uses 3D printing to create cool cosplay outfits of his own design. He's been working on an amazing Alien xenomorph and posting regular updates on his progress.

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'Interstellar' timeline in one convenient graph


Turkish designer Dogan Can Gundogdu created a lovely spoiler-filled timeline for Interstellar.

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Sandroll: for when Rickrolling isn't annoying enough

Can't decide between trolling people with a Rickroll or Darude's Sandstorm? Why not both? GroboClone's mashup is exponentially more annoying.

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WATCH: Bruce Riley blends oils, resin, and philosophy into psychedelic art

Chicago artist Bruce Riley discusses the philosophy and physicality of creating his vibrant oil and resin works in this relaxing short documentary.

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Spectacular San Francisco sunset displays every imaginable hue of red

Last week, Colby Droscher filmed a gorgeous sunset from his office in San Francisco's Mission District. He added Brian Eno's beautiful Deep Blue Day and generously shared it with the rest of us.

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Watch five puppies sleep for eleven hours straight

Not doing anything for the next 11 hours? Watch a pile of five cute puppies sleep, their breathing punctuated only by an occasional rooster crowing nearby. Part of the long-form YouTube genre Cory previously covered.

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Watch Kazuya Murata, competitive yo-yo's child prodigy

Murata aka YoYoBaby is becoming a YoYoMan before our eyes as he continues to refine his remarkable yo-yo skills. He's a child prodigy who burst on the scene several years ago.

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Jeopardy! video clues are getting harder

Jeopardy! contestants often give the right response so quickly with such a short clip, but Nicholas's speedy response to this $600 question on "Fishy Science" is extremely impressive.

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Watch bunnies swarm a tourist on Japan's Rabbit Island

Ōkunoshima used to be home of several chemical plants, but now it's a tourist destination for those who love the wild bunnies who live there.

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WATCH: High-speed camera reveals path of each starling in a massive flock

Dennis Hlynsky filmed an enormous flock of starlings at 600 frames per second, revealing the path and "personal space" of individual birds. The result turns complex mathematical order into a beautiful abstract effect.

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This trippy GIF reveals patterns each time you blink

trippy-blink Take a quick tour of how your brain processes patterns by blinking at different speeds while looking at this GIF. You'll probably see concentric circles appearing in different places, and possibly pentagonal lines now and then.

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Butter lamb mania peaks this weekend

20b49b3eb4073595978262b9ad7bb80b-1 Once a year, some folks get a little crazy about making butter lambs, and the results vary widely in quality, from the cool ones with wool (butter pushed through a strainer), to utilitarian lamb-shaped molds, to Cake Wrecks-level disasters below:

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Porky Hefer's nest chairs and other whimsical seating


These human-sized nests are made at the Cape Town Society for the Blind cane furniture factory in South Africa. Designer Porky Hefer collaborates with sightless workers there to make the enormous chairs. Wallpaper* has a great overview of this and other cool work coming out of Africa's design scene.

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