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Visual Aid - a book of charts that explain how the world works

Visual Aid and Visual Aid 2 are collections of colorful images and diagrams explaining, depicting and comparing elements from a wide range of topics.

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At the Gate of the Center [Short Story]

Tara Marsden tells the story of a corporation exploiting the newest renewable energy source: pain.

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Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio

The names Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are synony­mous with comic books, and their partnership ush­ered in the Golden Age of comics starting in the 1940s. Together they created memorable characters such as Captain America and Sandman, invented romance com­ics, and raised the standard for the genres of western, crime, and horror comic books.

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Charitable Giving Guide

Here’s a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. As always, please add the causes and charities you give to in the forums!

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Meteorite Vial Pendant Necklace from our sponsor Shana Logic!


From our stupendous sponsor Shana Logic (and outer space) comes this Meteorite Vial Pendant Necklace filled with actual bits of the Campo del Cielo meteorites! To boot, the glass vial itself is capped with a silver-toned bullet shell casing. For more far out gifts, including high-quality, handmade, and independently-designed jewelry, artwork, apparel, and other curious creations, visit Shana Logic!


Jane Harrison tells the story of man’s voyage to Mars—and the dating troubles that ensue.

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Video Game Controller Tie and other great gifts from BB sponsor Shana Logic!

From our lovely sponsor Shana Logic comes this geek chic and gift-worthy Video Game Controller Tie emblazoned in silver ink with Atari, Nintendo, NES, Playstation, Xbox and other joysticks and joypads from history. For more perfect Happy Mutant presents, check out Shana Logic's Cyber Monday Sale featuring hundreds of high-quality, handmade, and independently-designed jewelry, artwork, apparel, and other curious creations!

Shana Logic

Vaporizer Review: Ascent by Da Vinci

Ascent by Da Vinci

This review is part of a sponsored content series by Ascent by Da Vinci, a luxury hand-held vaporizer.

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Miri in Love

Maggie Tokuda-Hall describes the special, intimate relationship between a woman and her office supplies.

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Street Angel 008: Rocket in the Ghetto!

Her previous mission a success, what now lies ahead for our heroine? More adventure, certainly! By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca

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Comfortable togs from Betabrand [sponsored]


Our thanks to our sponsors at Betabrand, who sent us these items to play with.

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Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor

As with other books from DK, Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor is filled with high quality photographs along with neatly organized informative captions.

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Meltdown Comics and Boing Boing present: Hip Hop Family Tree signing and Q&A with cartoonist Ed Piskor 11/18, 3pm

Tuesday in LA, the place to be is at Meltdown Comics. Pittsburgh-based cartoonist Ed Piskor has pop and locked, Heavy D Shaked and prepped his way over to come out and give you one hell of a party along with the crew at Meltdown. A special guest DJ will be spinning the vintage hits from 4-6pm and at 5pm in the NerdMelt Showroom you’ll find Boing Boing founder’s Mark Frauenfelder in conversation with Piskor about the Hip Hop Family Tree series, his Rob Leifeld mini-comic and much much more.

Street Angel 007: Incadinkadoom!

Captain Cortez, en route to the Incan empire, is whisked to the world of the present! What lies in store for him and his crew? By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.

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Street Angel 006: A Thankless Heroine!

With Dr. Pangea’s crew crippled and his plan foiled, his captive is left rescuable (if not ungrateful). By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.

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