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Let's compare the backgrounds of science writers for Fox and NPR

fauxGhostofAlyeska says he was "simply curious who Fox News' science reporters are. I wanted to know what kind of scientific backgrounds they might have."

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The Vintage Tea Party Book: complete guide to hosting your perfect party

This whimsical, girly, and very informative book covers two of my favorite topics – vintage style and traditional English tea. Author Angel Adoree (yep that’s her name) owns and operates Vintage Patisserie in London where she hosts adult tea parties with a retro spin. The Vintage Tea Party Book includes Angel’s recipes, beauty tips and decorating ideas for the perfect tea party at home.

The Vintage Tea Party Book is separated into chapters for planning brunch, afternoon and evening events. Included are very British-y and easy recipes such as Lemon Scones with Lavender Cream, Onion and Potato Flowers, Crown of Lamb, and Engraved Earl Grey Truffle Hearts. There are also sample invitations, how-tos on retro make-up and hair styles, like the Victory Roll, and directions on how to make your own Queen Elizabeth stencil for wall decorations (a must for every English party!).

With all these helpful tools at your fingertips, The Vintage Tea Party Book makes planning your next extra special celebration easy and fun.

P.S. Even more old-school tips and treats are included in two other books from the same author – The Vintage Sweet Book and The Vintage Tea Party Year. – Carole Rosner

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Birdscapes: A Pop-Up Celebration of Bird Songs in Stereo Sound

I’m filled with wonder at the engineering and imagination needed to create the magical eye candy of pop-up books. Elaborate scenes come alive as I unfold each page. I’m always surprised the first time I open a pop-up book, but with Birdscapes more than my eyes were opened. There are bird songs and bird calls, tweets and warbles, sounds of nature from the Arctic Tundra to the Great Plains of North America – all in stereo from the back pages of this book!

Birdscapes presents seven intricate, delicate and very realistic pop-up bird habitats along with the sweet melodies of the birds that live there. Each soundscape is pared with text about ecosystems and bird species that’s easy to follow for the novice and specific enough for the expert. Spotted Owl, Western Meadowlark, Ruffed Grouse and even a Woodpecker are seen and heard. This is definitely one book filled with lots of oooh and aah moments.

Batteries are included in the book for long lasting listening pleasure. – Carole Rosner

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Great Battles covers 30 important battles of the western world

Great Battles is a selection of 30 of the most important battles of the western world, from the ancient Greeks to more contemporary conflicts, organized chronologically into three sections (Age of Sword, Age of Gunpowder and Age of the Rifle). Each battle spreads across eight pages, the first six including an account of the battle, illustrations and some side texts. The last two pages covering each battle are always the most interesting, depicting a two-page colorful map of the battlefield showing the troops’ positions, directions of movements and important terrain features. – Alessandro Nicoli de Mattos

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Preview of Henni, by Miss Lasko-Gross

In a fantastical world where old traditions and religion dominate every aspect of life, lives a girl named Henni. Unlike most in her village, Henni questions and wonders what the world is like as she comes of age.Read the rest

SF Bay Area on Sunday: Give Me Fiction short story reading show


This Sunday at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco, a group of comedians and writers read original short fiction at Give Me Fiction, the literary series hosted by Ivan Hernandez. The theme for this month's show is Masculinity, so join us as we explore chromosomes and the patriarchy and similar dude stuff.

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The Silver Age of Comic Book Art manifests the magic and majesty of the Marvel and DC classics from 1956-1970

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is a sparkly remastered new version of the long-out-of-print coffee table book that first came out ahead of its time in 2003, before all the beautiful Chip Kidd-designed superhero books, before many do-gooders depicted in these pages – Captain America, The Flash, Thor, Green Lantern, The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Green Arrow, Nick Fury and more – made it to the big & little screens. IMHO, more so than any other book on the subject, and more even than the bombastic blockbusters, this book manifests the magic and majesty of the Marvel and DC classic comics and characters from The Silver Age (1956-1970) and does so by focusing due attention on eight artists responsible for their creation: Carmine Infantino, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Gene Colan, Jim Steranko, and Neal Adams.

By way of uberdynamic spreads chockfulla judiciously juxtoposed images, ouvre-compressing cosmic collages, and the hubris-if-it-wasn’t-done-right method of replacing words in original comic balloons with choice quotes from the artists themselves, Schumer achieves the fantastic feat of making the reader experience the awe a kid in 1964 must have felt upon first gazing upon an earth-shattering Jack Kirby spread in Fantastic Four, or having Neal Adams’ art in Green Lantern / Green Arrow punch you in the face with its wrenchingly emotional realism, or being thrown off-kilter by the angular other-dimensionality of Steve Ditko’s Dr. Strange.

Appropriately, two of comics’ most influential writers wax testimoniacal, in their signature styles, about this sublime celebration of super artists:

Alan Moore: “A lovingly crafted tribute to the superhero comic of the 1960s, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art recaptures the four-color visionary surge of the era, its jet-age psychedelic rush of imagination and the titanic, luminous figures, both real and imaginary, that glittered in its firmament. For a brief moment in the late 20th century, it seemed as if the spirit of the age wore a vivid leotard, a chest emblem, and traveled in a strobing blur of speed lines. For anyone with any interest in or affection for that moment, this beautiful volume is indispensible.”

Stan Lee: “Not only is Arlen Schumer’s The Silver Age of Comic Book Art a spellbinding book about a magnificent art form, but it’s one of the publishing world’s great rarities – a book about art which is itself as much a resplendent work of art as the subject it so beautifully depicts. Every page of The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is a visual feast for the eyes. In honoring those artists whom the author considers the best of the best, Schumer, by virtue of his stunning layouts, incredible use of color and brilliant selection of awesome artwork, has proven himself one of the most exciting designers of all.”

The book ends with a bonus section that covers five more artists in hyperspeed, and leaves you rarin’ to dig back into the original comics, with a more appreciative set of peepers.Jeff Newelt

See sample pages of The Silver Age of Comic Book Art at Wink.

Visual Aid - a book of charts that explain how the world works

Visual Aid and Visual Aid 2 are collections of colorful images and diagrams explaining, depicting and comparing elements from a wide range of topics.

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At the Gate of the Center [Short Story]

Tara Marsden tells the story of a corporation exploiting the newest renewable energy source: pain.Read the rest

Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio

The names Joe Simon and Jack Kirby are synony­mous with comic books, and their partnership ush­ered in the Golden Age of comics starting in the 1940s. Together they created memorable characters such as Captain America and Sandman, invented romance com­ics, and raised the standard for the genres of western, crime, and horror comic books. Read the rest

Charitable Giving Guide

Here's a guide to the charities the Boingers support in our own annual giving. As always, please add the causes and charities you give to in the forums!Read the rest

Meteorite Vial Pendant Necklace from our sponsor Shana Logic!


From our stupendous sponsor Shana Logic (and outer space) comes this Meteorite Vial Pendant Necklace filled with actual bits of the Campo del Cielo meteorites! To boot, the glass vial itself is capped with a silver-toned bullet shell casing. For more far out gifts, including high-quality, handmade, and independently-designed jewelry, artwork, apparel, and other curious creations, visit Shana Logic!


Jane Harrison tells the story of man's voyage to Mars—and the dating troubles that ensue.Read the rest

Video Game Controller Tie and other great gifts from BB sponsor Shana Logic!

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Vaporizer Review: Ascent by Da Vinci

Ascent by Da Vinci

This review is part of a sponsored content series by Ascent by Da Vinci, a luxury hand-held vaporizer.

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Miri in Love

Maggie Tokuda-Hall describes the special, intimate relationship between a woman and her office supplies. Read the rest

Street Angel 008: Rocket in the Ghetto!

Her previous mission a success, what now lies ahead for our heroine? More adventure, certainly! By Jim Rugg and Brian MarucaRead the rest

Comfortable togs from Betabrand [sponsored]


Our thanks to our sponsors at Betabrand, who sent us these items to play with.

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Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor

As with other books from DK, Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor is filled with high quality photographs along with neatly organized informative captions.

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Meltdown Comics and Boing Boing present: Hip Hop Family Tree signing and Q&A with cartoonist Ed Piskor 11/18, 3pm

Tuesday in LA, the place to be is at Meltdown Comics. Pittsburgh-based cartoonist Ed Piskor has pop and locked, Heavy D Shaked and prepped his way over to come out and give you one hell of a party along with the crew at Meltdown. A special guest DJ will be spinning the vintage hits from 4-6pm and at 5pm in the NerdMelt Showroom you’ll find Boing Boing founder’s Mark Frauenfelder in conversation with Piskor about the Hip Hop Family Tree series, his Rob Leifeld mini-comic and much much more.

Street Angel 007: Incadinkadoom!

Captain Cortez, en route to the Incan empire, is whisked to the world of the present! What lies in store for him and his crew? By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.Read the rest

Street Angel 006: A Thankless Heroine!

With Dr. Pangea's crew crippled and his plan foiled, his captive is left rescuable (if not ungrateful). By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.Read the rest

A classic instructional cartooning book

It’s easy to like cartoons. It’s hard to draw them (at least something better than stick figures). Sometimes the best cartoons are drawn out of basic shapes and lines that look easy to draw by anyone, and yet it takes genius to draw like that. And genius is the word I use to describe the author’s drawings and teachings in this classic book.

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The Autobiography of Deanna Troi

Robin Higgins presents a series of excerpts from the life of one of science fiction's most beloved half-Betazoids.Read the rest

Seeker's Quest Necklace from our sponsor Shana Logic!

seeker2 Our dear sponsor Shana Logic says, "You'll love wearing this beautiful handmade necklace that pays homage to your favorite wizardly sport!" The Seeker's Quest Necklace features a golden snitch with stunning silver wings hanging on a silver chain. Yes, it's more wearable magic from our longtime sponsor Shana Logic, sellers of high-quality, handmade, and independently-designed jewelry, artwork, apparel, and other curious creations! Boing Boing readers, take 10% off your order with code: MAGICAL

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Negativland now "jamming God"

Negativland's Mark Hosler (top left), Don Joyce (top right), and Peter Conheim (bottom).

Negativland has been in the social commentary, audio collage, and culture jamming business for 35 years. Their output during this time has included 13 albums,  a weekly radio show on Berkeley's KPFA, and the Booper. They are best known for the events following their 1991 release U2, an album whose title led to a lawsuit from the band U2's label Island Records and the album's withdrawal.

Negativland's latest release, It's All In Your Head, calls into question adherence to a single religious belief system.

Street Angel 005: Into the Lair!

Street Angel has infiltrated Dr. Pangea's hideout. What comes next for our heroine and her nemesis? By Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca.Read the rest

Halfling Door Locket Necklace from our fine sponsor Shana Logic!


Happy mutant fantasy fans will appreciate this lovely Halfling Door Locket Necklace available from our longtime sponsor Shana Logic, sellers of high-quality, handmade, and independently-designed jewelry, artwork, apparel, and other curious creations! Shana says, "Each antiqued bronze door features a hand-painted door with window and knob, that opens to a compartment for a photo or small secret letter. The pendant hangs from an 18" bronze-toned chain and is accented by emerald green czech glass crystals and a brass leaf charm!" Special for Boing Boing readers, take 10% off your order with code: MAGICAL

Halfling Door Locket Necklace by Nedda Szylewicz

Street Angel 004: Fight Night!

Fight Night! Street Angel vs. Dr. Pangea's Ninja henchmen. By Jim Rugg and Brian MarucaRead the rest

LISTEN: Travel gadgets for your next trip

This week, Xeni, Mark and Jason talk TSA-friendly backpacks, aromatherapy to help you sleep, and two travel must-haves for your phablet and vehicle batteries. Read the rest