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Charles Platt

Charles Platt was a senior writer for Wired magazine, is now a contributing editor to Make magazine, and is the author of Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, volumes 1 and 2 (volume 3 in preparation).

Strange thrust: the unproven science that could propel our children into space

For many decades, a fantasy among space enthusiasts has been to invent a device that produces a net thrust in one direction, without any need for reaction mass. Of course, a reactionless space drive of this type is impossible. Or is it? By Charles PlattRead the rest

An electronic gadget to silence loudmouths

Charles Platt shows you how to build a noise-detecting siren that stuns rude shouters into silence.Read the rest

The sad old motels of Barstow, California

Barstow, California, once a shining oasis along the sweltering asphalt of Route 66, is now but a relic of times nearly forgotten. A photo gallery by Charles Platt.Read the rest

Perform Mulholland's mind-reading mystery

"John Mulholland was a brilliant stage magician who revealed his best secrets shortly before he died in 1970," says Charles Platt. "His mind-reading trick has always been my favorite."Read the rest

Why does a spherical magnet fall so slowly through an aluminum tube?

Charles Platt presents a science demonstration involving magnets that will interest juggalos and non-juggalos alike.Read the rest