Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis writes a daily email called “Now I Know,” which you can sign up for by clicking here. His book, Now I Know: The Revealing Stories Behind the World's Most Interesting Facts, is available on Amazon.

The mystery Vegas casino you can only visit once every two years

Dan Lewis on a gambling institution as elusive as it is downmarket. It’s all to do with licensing, naturally.

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Feeling the buzz: where do phantom phone vibrations come from?

That feeling of having your butt grabbed by a ghost isn’t an isolated stigma. Everyone is getting ghost-fondled.

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Where do bags go after the TSA takes them?

They go to Alabama, writes intrepid and daring sock smuggler Dan Lewis.

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Inside job: the story of Witold Pileki, leader of the Secret Polish Army

Unknown to most of the world until the late ’80s, Witold Pilecki was a leader of the Secret Polish Army. Dan Lewis on an all-round badass.

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The time Disney duped Robin Williams

“You realize now when you work for Disney why the mouse has only four fingers — because he can’t pick up a check.” — Robin Williams. Dan Lewis writes about how Disney went back on its word to Williams on Aladdin.

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Now I Know: Eye Macs

In 2009 a Philadelphia high school remotely spied on students through laptop webcams, wrongfully accusing one teenager of taking drugs. 50,000 photos later, the hammer finally came down on the peeping administrators. Dan Lewis reports.

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