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San Francisco: J. Otto Seibold and Mr. Lunch exhibit



Next month, San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum will open an exhibition celebrating the wonderful work of children's author and illustrator J. Otto Seibold.

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DIY audiotape "scratching" device

Jeremy Bell demos his excellent prototype "ScrubBoard" that enables a scratch-like effect with magnetic audiotape. Here's his Kickstarter to further develop the musical instrument!

Video: fantastic playing card flourishes

Captivating montage of playing card flourishes recorded in Singapore.

Woman sees 100 times more colors than you


Artist Concetta Antico is a tetrachromat, meaning a genetic mutation in her eyes enables her to see approximately 100 times more colors than an average person.

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LOLy: witty and crass animated emojis


My pal Gina Pell was disenchanted with the same tired ol' emojis making the rounds so she came up with LOLy, a free app-based collection of oversized animated emojis that are funny, crass, smart, offensive, sexy, cutesie, ironic, insulting, sophisticated, sassy, charming, witty, obnoxious, stylish, and damned addictive.

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USB charger in a knife form factor


Brunton saw me coming when they came up with their Power Knife Multi Charger integrating a standard USB to Apple Lightning, 30-Pin, and Micro-USB. Sharp, but spendy at $25.

Abu Dhabi: camel carries Google Street View camera


Google put a camera on a camel to capture a "Street View" of Abu Dhabi's Liwa Dessert.

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Videos: how fake Japanese food is made

In central Japan's Gifu Prefecture, a man demonstrates the making of sampuru, the fantastic fake food seen in many Japanese restaurants.

Learn more in this Tofugu post: "Japanese Food Models, Yesterday And Today"

And another informative clip below, from Wim Wenders' documentary Tokyo Ga (1985):

(via The Kid Should See This)

Video: "Everybody who plays frisbee golf smokes weed," says silly cop

Watch this Ankeny, Iowa police officer try to trick a young man into incriminating himself. The police chief has since apologized for the officer's actions. (13 WHOtv.com)

UK university campaign encourages shower peeing

As part of the Go With The Flow campaign at the UK's University of East Anglia, students are encouraged to pee in the shower to save water.

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Weird things human sent into the stratosphere (mostly as marketing)

Including: bacon (video above), beer, Lego Minifigures, a toy robot, an armchair... the list goes on, over at Smithsonian.

"Vampire grave" from the 13th century unearthed

An archaeologist found a "vampire grave" in Bulgaria where a Medieval skeleton lies with an iron spike through its chest.

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Batman postage stamps


Batman is now on a postage stamp!

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FOUND: new musical based on the 'zine


Davy Rothbart's fantastic zine FOUND is now a musical playing at the Atlantic Theater Company, and BB pal Larry Smith gives it a rave review. Larry writes:

FOUND is the story of a shy Jewish kid named Davy Rothbart who accidentally creates FOUND Magazine, and the unexpected inspiration, humor and love the project brings people across the world. Like so many of the best projects out there, it's amazing it even got made and it's strange and totally wonderful.

At last night's show, no less a figure then Ira Glass (you know him as Maury Kind) gushed after the show in the most erudite, Glass-ian way about how inspired this unexpected magazine-to-musical adaptation is. I too was floored, but could only come up with, "That was awesome, dude," and that was not just the Jolly Rancher talking.

So go remember why you love weirdos like Davy and cities like New York and see FOUND: The Musical before its run closes on Nov. 9.

1950s "bionic" arm


When I was young in the 1970s, I was blown away by photos of the 1950s battery-powered "bionic" arm invented by IBM engineer SW Alderson. The technology is now more than 60 years old and it still looks futuristic to me.

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