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Jacky Tsai's Chinese/Pop skull paintings


Artist Jacky Tsai, famed for the floral skull at the center of Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection, has actually created a stunning array of curious craniums that meld Chinese painting traditions with pop art.

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Darkroom that looks like a spaceship (1979)


As a teenager in the mid-1970s, Jack Turkel combined his passions for photography and space exploration by building this incredible spaceship-themed darkroom in his parents' basement.

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Are you sure you're not dead?

Cotard's delusion is a rare mental disorder in which the sufferer is convinced that he or she is dead.

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Vinyl hoarders in words and pictures


Over at Cuepoint, interviews with vinyl hoarders, from Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson (above) to legendary rare groove DJ Keb Darge.

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Long before Darth Vader, James Earl Jones on Sesame Street

In 1969, a young James Earl Jones, considered the first celebrity guest on Sesame Street, was pessimistic about the show, saying that "this Muppet business has got to go, kids will be terrified."

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Beautiful brain images take over Times Square

Brain City, this beautiful film by Noah Hutton made from neuroimagery collected at leading brain science labs, will screen in New York City just before midnight on Times Square's massive electronic billboards every night this month.

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Tea bags that look like goldfish


Make it look like a fish is swimming in your cuppa.

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"Things You Didn't Know About Batman!" with Adam West

The only live Batman worth watching, that is, the 1960s TV series, is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, and CineFix interviewed star Adam West who "Reveals Things You Didn't Know About Batman!"

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Slowwwwww Ooooooobleck

The always-entertaining and informative Slow Mo Guys dumped some oobleck (aka non-Newtonian fluid) inside a speaker cone and filmed the fantastic results at 1600 frames-per-second.

Cappuccino in a bell pepper


Italian specialty coffee master Ettore Diana introduced a new menu item during a visit to NYC cafe Crave.It: Cappuccino served in a yellow bell pepper.

"Don’t knock this bell jar until you try it," writes Justin Rocket Silverman in the New York Daily News. "The bitter kick of the coffee is perfectly balanced by the cool sweetness of the pepper."

Petitioners call "Big Indian" car dealer sign racist


For sixty years, this 15-foot sign has pointed at a car dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. Now though, petitioners are asking the proprietors to "Remove their Racist style of advertisement."

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New psychedelic sounds/visuals from Mark McGuire (ex-Emeralds)


From guitarist/synthesist Mark McGuire -- formerly of Kosmische revivalists Emeralds -- comes this beautiful, experimental video journey (and it is a trip) for McGuire's composition Noctilucence, available on his new EP of the same name.

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Newscasters' purple preference during elections


At Re:form, Paul Lukas delves into TV reporters and political pundits' penchant for wearing the color purple during election coverage:

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Insanely cute baby pangolin


Behold the incredible cuteness of this newborn pangolin (aka scaly anteater) at the Taipei Zoo. Video below.

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Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne on "Living With Death"

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne talks about the time he faced death at Long John Silvers, and how it changed him. From a 2002 interview, animated by Blank on Blank.