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WATCH: Darth Vader, multilingualist

"Yo soy tu padre."

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Electric kazoo



The HUMMbucker is an electric kazoo that you plug into a guitar amp for a new kind of buzz.

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TV ad for Tinder from the early 1980s

Created by SquirrelMonkeyCom.

Biggest instrumental hits of the last 50 years

Cuepoint plays through disco, funk, jazz, classical, TV themes, movie soundtracks, and, er, Kenny G to list "every instrumental, as classified by Billboard, that has made it to the Top 10 over the past 50 years."

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Stephen Hawking sings Monty Python's "Galaxy"


Stephen Hawking covers Monty Python's Galaxy Song from the troupe's 1983 film "The Meaning of Life."

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Fox to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show as 2-hour TV special, for film's 40th anniversary


Fox is working on a TV remake of the quintessential cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). Let's do the time warp again?

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Turkish mayor sued over giant robot statue


Mayor Melih Gökçek of Ankara, Turkey is being sued by the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects’ Chambers for spending taxpayer money on this 20-foot Transformer-like robot statue.

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Look! Gallery of outré soundtrack record sleeves


Fantastic gallery of soundtrack album art from avant-garde films, cult classics, psychotronic treats, and a smattering of Hollywood movies with memorable scores.

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Doctor raising money for first human head transplant has a volunteer


Italian physician Dr. Sergio Canavero is collecting funds to conduct the first human head transplant. He has a volunteer: Valery Spiridonov, 30, who suffers from a rare genetic disease causing his spinal muscles to atrophy.

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Tomorrow is "International Louie Louie Day"

Saturday (4/11) is International Louie Louie Day and the birthday of Richard Berry who wrote the song in 1955.

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Watch contortionist's slithering Snake Woman dance

Fantastically flexible contortionist Nokulunga Buthelez performs her "Snake Woman" dance.

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Artists and their cats


Alison Nastasi's new book Artists and their Cats is just that, a collection of fantastic photos depicting fine artists and their feline friends. Above, Salvador Dali. Below, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Georgia O'Keefe.

Artists and their Cats (Amazon)




Cake of cornbread and mashed potato icing topped with fried chicken


"Cornbread with mashed potato icing, drizzled with brown gravy and topped with fried chicken."

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Video: Jugglers perform Bach on Boomwhackers

My kids and I have made some crazy avant-garde music with the fantastically fun Boomwhackers but we never tackled Bach.

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Video: Could you fart your way to the moon?

No really, could you?

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Video: Would you like this robot to wash your face?

This "soft robot" was developed a few years ago by Siddharth Sanan and Mike Ornstein at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Watch rocket launches in ultra-high definition

Ultra HD 4K video of SpaceX launches. Far out.

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