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The Wonder Years hit the Smithsonian


Cast and crew from TV's The Wonder Years (1988-1993) donated iconic items to the American History Museum, home to such iconic television artifacts as The Fonz's leather jacket and Archie Bunker's chair.

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The story of Stephen Hawking's voice

In 2011, Stephen Hawking sent a message to Intel founder Gordon Moore that read "My speech input is very, very slow these days. Is there any way Intel could help?" They did.

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Pastafarian Asia Carrera wears colander hat for driver license photo


Jessica Steinhauser (aka adult film star Asia Carrera) is only the latest of a dozen or so Pastafarians in Utah to be photographed for their Driver Licenses wearing a colander as a hat in religious devotion to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Video: "World's Simplest Electric Train"

A simple and fun "electric train" made from magnets, a battery, and copper wire.

Madonna and David Blaine


The magician interviews Madge over at Interview:

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Spiderman, aka Aaron Joseph Purmort, RIP


Aaron Joseph Purmort, 35, "died peacefully at home on November 25 after complications from a radioactive spider bite that led to years of crime-fighting and a years long battle with a nefarious criminal named Cancer, who has plagued our society for far too long."

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Typography of Alien


At the fascinating "Typeset In The Future" blog, Dave Addey examines the fontography of Ridley Scott's Alien (1979).

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Video: 1970s space disco of Bombay-born singer Asha Puthli

Asha Puthli performs "Mr. Moonlight" (1978), available on her album Asha L'indiana.

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Milky Way over Devils Tower


David Lane's absolutely stunning image of the Milky Way over Devils Tower. If everything's ready here on the Dark Side of the Moon... play the five tones.

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Airbnb for fields and meadows

423_001Field Lover is like Airbnb but for open grassy land in the UK. Sure, it's great for weddings, sporting events, and festivals but apparently they also encourage listings for "horses, alpacas or ostriches to live the good life."

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Star Wars Episode VII trailer, the George Lucas Special Edition

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, the George Lucas Special Edition.

William S. Burroughs: "A Thanksgiving Prayer" (1986)

Uncle Bill, it's time for A Thanksgiving Prayer.

Why we hate (and love) Uber


Over at Matter, Bobbie Johnson wrote a killer analysis of our love-hate relationship with Uber, asking and answering "What exactly is it about the controversy-baiting, aggressive, indispensable taxi app that pisses so many people off?"

Black Devil anglerfish caught on video

This clip of a bizarre deep-sea anglerfish, taken by a Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute robot sub in the dark depths of Monterey Canyon, is thought to be the first footage ever of this particular species of black seadevil.