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Mega-mantis shrimp caught in Florida


We're gonna need a bigger bottle of cocktail sauce: A fisher caught this massive, 18" crustacean off a pier in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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Beastie Boys meet Joan Rivers (1987)

On January 15, 1987, the Beastie Boys appeared on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. (Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)

Bob Mould: new video, tour, and Reddit AMA

Did you dig our exclusive interview/performance with legendary punk Bob Mould below? Well now check out the music video above for his track "The War" from the searing new album Beauty & Ruin. Don't miss the strange surprise cameo at the end!

The video is directed by Dave Markey who also made the documentary "1991: The Year Punk Broke." Bob's world tour starts tonight and he and Dave are doing a Reddit AMA on September 9!

Bob Mould on Boing Boing Video:

Scientists report direct brain-to-brain communication

Researchers at Barcelona's Starlab claim in a paper to have achieved direct "brain-to-brain communication in humans" over the Internet using non-invasive EEG to read one person's brain signals and transcranial magnetic stimulation to deliver the message to the other person.

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Laniakea: scientists' name for our cosmic home

Scientists have now mapped superculusters -- dense regions of multiple galaxies -- across space and have named our own supercluster Laniakea, Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven." (Nature)

Video: How Crayola crayons are made


Dyson announces robot vacuum


Dyson announced its first robotic vacuum, the Dyson 360 Eye. Forget about suction, I want to see the inevitable cockfights between the Eye and the Roomba!

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Weaponized baseball cap


The GOTCHA Cap is a baseball cap with a removable hand weapon hidden under the brim. Watch the video demo below, complete with dramatic action hero music!

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"In The Mood" for three ukes

Byntje Music's rousing arrangement of Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" for three ukuleles. The YouTube post includes links to tabs so you can play along. (via Laughing Squid)

Documentary about people and vultures

Help fund Requiem For A Bird, an artistic documentary about Mumbai's Parsi people who ritualistically gift their dead to vultures whose population there has been decimated as a consequence of an anti-inflammatory drug previously given to cattle.

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Video: Philip K. Dick on our simulated reality (1977)

In this 1977 video, surrealist science fiction author Philip K. Dick suggests we are living in a computer simulation.

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RAIDS: law enforcement training film (c. 1974)

RAIDS, a c.1974 Federal law enforcement training film, looks like a pilot for a cop show from that era. (via r/Documentaries)

Texas Instruments' wildly successful, wildly overpriced calculator


According to the Washington Post, Texas Instruments owns 93 percent of the US market for graphic calculators thanks to its ubiquitous TI-84 model, a ridiculously high profit margin product that hasn't been updated much for a decade.