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Buy your own Gremlin from Rick Baker!

Legendary Hollywood special effects artist Rick Baker is auctioning off amazing artifacts from his studio, including Harry the sasquatch's head, hands, and feet from Harry and the Hendersons, Mike's costume from Men in Black, and, yes, a couple of Gremlins!

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BB King, RIP


The inimitable Riley B King, aka BB King, died last night. He was 89.

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Watch: One man orchestra

Ben Morfitt wrote a symphonic piece, performed all the parts, and composited it all together into this Orchestra of Ben Morfitts.

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Best Coast: Boing Boing Video live performance and interview

Best Coast drenches us with the psych-pop sound of California Nights in this special Boing Boing Video interview and performance.Read the rest

Watch great moments in recycled Disney animations

A fun montage of recycled scenes from classic Walt Disney animated films.

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Radiohead's Thom Yorke will help you with your sex problems, in Iran


Iranian journalist Sobhan Hassanvand posted this photo of a book "about sex problems between couples published in Iran" that randomly features Radiohead's Thom Yorke and author John Updike on the cover.

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Butterflies instead of herbicides to kill cocaine crops?


With Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos banning use of controversial herbicides to eradicate coca crops, the president of the Quindio Botanical Garden proposed that an army of Cocaine Tussock Moths (Eloria noyesi) could be enlisted to destroy the coca by eating it.

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America's deadliest jobs

According to the latest US Department of Labor report, the following workers are the most likely to die on the job:

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Very funny signs from The Simpsons


Many more posted to Imgur by Boogerfuker:

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San Francisco to McDonald's: stop the drug dealing outside

San Francisco's City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a letter informing McDonald's that they are “legally on the hook” for the drug dealing, fisticuffs, car break-ins, and other illegal activity at its Haight-Ashbury location.

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Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the spaced-out star of social media


Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti made the Internet happy by wearing a Star Trek uniform on board the International Space Station and showing us how to use the toilet in her orbital home. Over at Backchannel, Signe Brewster looks at the new wave of astronauts who have become social media stars.

"Is Samantha Cristoforetti the Most Awesome Astronaut Ever?"


Watch Death Cab for Cutie play The Tonight Show


BB pals Death Cab for Cutie brought their musical extravaganza to The Tonight Show this week with a groovy rendition of "The Ghost of Beverly Drive" from their new album Kintsugi. Yeah, I'm biased, but damn, it's a killer record. DCfC play on Saturday in Irvine, California before heading overseas through June.

Robin Williams nesting dolls

RobinWilliams1-astattmiller San Francisco artist Andy Stattmiller created this wonderful set of Russian nesting dolls as a tribute to Robin Williams.

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"Ghetto Tarot," a real-life recreation of the classic deck in Haiti


Belgian photographer Alice Smeets collaborated with an artist collective called Atis Rezistans to recreated the classic Rider-Waite Tarot Deck in the slums of Haiti. Video about the project below.

"The Ghetto Tarot" (via designboom)

And here's the project's Indiegogo page.


Astounding image of rainbow intersecting a tornado


Stormchaser group Basehunters posted this incredible photo of a rainbow meeting a tornado on the plains of Colorado on Saturday. Yes, it's real. Cue Judy Garland. Video below.

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Why do animals eat poop?

Probably not because it tastes good, although that's subjective. National Geographic asked several scientists for the straight dope on coprophagy.

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How to interrogate someone

"Enhanced interrogation" methods don't work, but according to the US government's High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, the following strategies, outlined in Scientific American, can be quite effective:

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