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Custom Playmobil weightlifters with homoerotic and steroid references



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Man caught on CCTV camera stealing camera


This gentleman was caught on camera allegedly stealing the very security camera that was recording him.

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Kid cowboys compete for quick draw champ


Photographer Carroll Taveras captured the "Young Guns" of a Cowboy Fast Draw gun competition in Denver, Colorado.

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Wintering in Antarctica


If you missed your flight out of the South Pole on Friday, get comfortable. You'll be there until November.

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Video series: History of Superstitions

Intrepid explorers of high weirdness Mitch Horowitz (author of Occult America) and Ronni Thomas (director of The Midnight Archive) created a fun 13 episode video series called "History of Superstitions." Above is the episode about the number 13.

Rare Grand Canyon wolf killed by hunter


This is Echo, the first gray wolf to be spotted near the Grand Canyon in decades. It's now been confirmed that in December, just a few months after Echo was first seen, a hunter killed the rare wolf, mistaking her for a coyote.

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Death Cab for Cutie: "Black Sun" music video


Our friends in Death Cab for Cutie released the video for "Black Sun," the first single from their forthcoming album Kintsugi, arriving March 31.

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Glow-in-the-dark Nissan Leaf

Nissan demonstrates a new glow-in-the-dark auto paint in this ghostly video of a Leaf driving through the night. From a Nissan press release:

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CBGB oral history, and Patti Smith interview


Over at Cuepoint, an oral history of punk palace CBGB's heyday of the mid-to-late 1970s, starring members of the Ramones, Blondie, The Voidoids, and The Miamis, and the inimitable Patti Smith. Also at Cuepoint today, Smith talks with veteran music writer Alan Light.

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Radio documentary about William Burroughs, narrated by Iggy Pop


On This American Life, a replay of a BBC radio documentary about William S. Burroughs narrated by Iggy Pop that convinced Ira Glass why Uncle Bill deserves respect:

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Trailer: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

No, it's not real. Yet.

Calligrapher of the Rings


New Zealand-based artist Daniel Reeves created the calligraphy and cartography seen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy along with several other big fantasy films, and merchandise associated with the movies. You can purchase his work, including fonts, prints, and commissions via his site: (via Laughing Squid) Merch1a

“Fool the Axis—use Prophylaxis!


Over at Collectors Weekly, a look at the US military's terrific World War II-era posters about the dangers of venereal disease.

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AcousticLabs cover of Beck's "Wave"

Gregory "AcousticLabs" Johnson, who masterfully covers contemporary tunes on effected string instruments, tells us that Beck requested he tackle his tune "Wave" from the Grammy-winning album Morning Phase. It's the first AcousticLabs video in which Johnson shows his face.

Journal of mountaineering death and disaster

"I think people find it instructive and helpful, but also kind of fun -- in a macabre kind of way," says American Alpine Club exec director Douglas MacDonald of the org's annual report "Accidents in North American Mountaineering."

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The Replacements: US tour and "Hate Us On Facebook" t-shirt


Alt.rock pioneers The Replacements are taking their reunion show on the road this spring and you can celebrate your punk roots by wearing their delightful new t-shirt. Below, "Bastards of Young" from the 1985 album Tim.

History of sushi (It didn't start with a California Roll)


"The nigiri and tuna rolls we eat today are a far cry from the pungent, rice-less, barrel-fermented stuff that originated during the 3rd century B.C."

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For sale: Les Paul's prototype electric guitar

The holy grail of collectible guitars -- the 1953 prototype Les Paul Gibson guitar, known as the "Black Beauty" -- will go up for auction next week. It's part of esteemed inventor and guitar tech Tom Doyle's personal collection of Les Paul and Chet Atkins gear, including Paul's home studio Ampex recording machine, a late 1940s Gibson Factory Stevens Pickup Winder, and other equipment he's putting on the block. From Guernsey's Auctioneers & Brokers:


The guitar’s storied history began when it left the Gibson factory in December of 1953 and was delivered to Les in early 1954. Modifications and experiments were constantly made on this instrument from its first use in 1954 until its last use in 1976 – all in pursuit of the ideal sound Les craved. He played this guitar for years on the Les Paul and Mary Ford Show (famously sponsored by Listerine), as well as during countless stage performances, and professional recordings. This forward-thinking instrument featured superior refinements: a new tune-o-matic bridge and stoptail piece system, finer inlays, and a fancy-looking binding around the entire guitar -- all in black with gold hardware -- reminiscent of a formal black tuxedo.

(via CNN)

A master of miniatures' incredible small town


Michael Paul Smith's Elgin Park is a town that does not exist except in the mind and miniatures of this master of tabletop photography. It is "a 1/24th-scale recreation of everyday scenes from mid-20th century America, ranging from the 1920s to the mid-1960s."


The buildings are constructed of resin-coated paper, styrene plastic, and basswood, plus numerous found objects. The vehicles are from Michael's collection of 300+ commercially produced, diecast models.

No Photoshop was used in these images; they're all composed in the camera. It is the oldest trick in the special effects book: lining up a model with an appropriate background, then photographing it.

Welcome to Elgin Park

"Lots of Web Traffic in Such a Tiny Town" (New York Times, 2010)


Video: Inside Jabba the Hutt

"Slimy Piece of Worm-Ridden Filth" is Jamie Benning's mini-documentary about puppeteer Toby Philpott and the team who brought Jabba the Hutt to life in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Food fit for a cosmonaut


Astronaut ice scream sucks. Maybe cosmonaut food, now on sale in vending machines at Moscow's All-Russian Exhibition Center, is better.

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Oral history of 60s-70s musical mecca Laurel Canyon


Over at Vanity Fair, musical icons like David Crosby, Joni Mitchell (above), Linda Ronstadt, and Glenn Frey reminisce about the creativity and other substances that flowed through L.A.'s magical Laurel Canyon of the 1960s and 1970s.

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DARPA's Memex for searching the deep Web


DARPA's "Memex" program is developing new search tools for the vast majority of the Web that isn't indexed by Google and other commercial search engines.

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Video: Inside Jim Henson's Creature Shop of pioneering puppetry

Our friends at Tested visit the magical menagerie that is Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Artist fights his own cartoon characters


In Alex Solis's "Inkteraction" series, he battles his own illustrations.

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People throwing pennies changed the color of a Yellowstone hot spring


12840-v1-480xYellowstone National Park's Morning Glory thermal spring used to be deep blue but its current yellow and green hues were caused in part by tourists throwing coins, rocks, and assorted crap into the pool.

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Mummified monk not dead, just trancing


This 200-year-old "mummified" monk found in Mongolia last week is not dead but rather deeply meditating, say some believers.

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Video: "Hearing Tarantino"

Jacob T. Swinney's supercut celebrates the sounds of Tarantino films.

Beat Blox: wonderful DIY electronic musical instrument

Per Holmquist's Beat Blox is a delightful electronic musical instrument where you control the sound by placing wooden blocks on turntables and spinning them.

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Gorgeous portraits of owls


The National Audobon Society's magazine has a gorgeous feature on photographer Brad Wilson's incredible portraits of owls of all kinds.

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