David Pescovitz

David Pescovitz is Boing Boing's co-editor/managing partner. He's also a research director at Institute for the Future. On Instagram, he's @pesco.

Finger mugging tattoo


Very clever fingertip tattoo.

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Meth Lab signage!


My family always thought the sign for Met-L-Fab Inc in Cincinnati's ritzy Indian Hill neighborhood looked like it said "Meth Lab." Now it does. (Thanks Rick, Max, and Madeleine!)

IMG 6246

Jellyfish tank in derelict building


Artists Walter Hugo & Zoniel installed a jellyfish tank in the front of an abandoned building in Liverpool, creating a portal through the deteriorating facade into a beautiful other world. The installation, titled The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living, is live streamed to London's Gazelli Art House. (via Laughing Squid)


"God" in woman's curly hair

O GOD 570

When Missouri-resident Kristin Kissee's hair grew back after treatment for cancer, she noticed the curls on her forehead spelled out "God."

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Glass doorknob causes fire

Knob shot 2969722b

A glass doorknob acted as a magnifying glass, focusing sunlight into a burning beam that torched some clothing and set fire to a bedroom in a south London home.

"The focal length from the window was just the right distance and it became the same principle as when you try to set fire to paper with a magnifying glass when you are a child," The London Fire Brigade's Charlie Pugsley told The Telegraph.

Apparently, a crystal ball and a mirror are to blame for similar fires in London this year.

Cop shoots aggressive tortoise

UWEC enfudeA Ugandan police officer enjoying a cup of tea at home shot and killed a tortoise because it "became very aggressive" and "violent," according to the BBC News.

The average of the world's handwriting

Universal typeface comparison png 800x0 q85 crop

Bic's Universal Typeface Project averages user-submitted handwriting samples to generate the most generic English language handwriting font in the world. (via Smithsonian)

Evolution in Lego

"Lego Evolution" (Thanks, Lux!)

Threading the RCA Projector (1950s)

Another important skill lost to history. (via Weird Universe)

Ultra-realistic wood carvings of street garbage


The above is actually a carved and painted wood sculpture of garbage that artist Tom Pfannerstill found on the street, one of his many "From The Street" pieces that you can see on his site and below.

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Video: brief history of Hollywood and the movie industry

CineFix's "History of Hollywood In Under 10 Minutes."

July 18: Boing Boing and Noise Pop at the Oakland Museum of California

Vinyl records 2

Don't forget that on July 18 at the Oakland Museum of California, Boing Boing and Noise Pop will be joined by Death Cab for Cutie bassist Nick Harmer, Wilco and Miles Davis album designer Lawrence Azerrad, and Dead Kennedys / Alternative Tentacles artist Winston Smith to explore the art and allure of vinyl records!

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Students caught tunneling out of school


Students at Nottingham's Djanogly City Academy, where the kids are 11 to 14 years old, were foiled in their attempt at a great escape by digging under fence using spoons and forks, according to BBC News.

Body modder with huge cheek holes

JoelMiggler02 600x800

Among many other body modifications, 23-year-old Joel "Bodymoded Punky," Miggler of K├╝ssaberg, Germany has 36mm holes in his cheeks. More photos below! (via Odd Stuff)



Ventriloquism's past and present

155264560 ventriloquist dummy in dolls bears

At The Wire, performance artist Sarah Angliss explores the weird history and present state of ventriloquism, from the 16th century exorcism of a demonic dummy to Angliss's own robotic stage companions.