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Dead Raisers, a traveling band of evangelical resurrectors


Tyler Johnson, 31, claims he has brought 13 corpses back to life as part of his work on the Dead Raisers Team, a group of evangelicals who travel around sharing their gift for resurrection and faith healing, and teach others how to make miracles too.

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Twin astronauts as human guinea pigs... for science!


NASA is studying twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly to understand the affects of long space missions on the body and brain.

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Video: Fred Armisen doing iconic NYC accents

Portlandia star and BB pal Fred Armisen improvises a startling number of New York City neighborhood accents for nearly five minutes.

Massive Attack's "Teardrop" on acoustic guitar

Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs plays a beautiful acoustic cover of Massive Attack's downtempo classic "Teardrop." Original version below.

James Bond-inspired laser wristwatch, complete with danger

"NO plans, no tutorials, but maybe for SALE soon!"

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Chess so boring that the Grandmaster dozed off


Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen fell asleep during a game against Viswantahan Anand in the World Chess Championship now taking place in Sochi, Russia; the game ended in a draw. "I wasn't in the best of shape," Carlsen said. (Yahoo! Sport)

Video: amazing record-breaking parallel parking

No back and forth bullshit when Han Yue made the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park, 8 cm (3.15") in a MINI 3-door Hatch, during the China Drift Championship.

The Nib's indie comics 2015 calendar of obscure holidays


The Nib, Medium's killer comix publication, is publishing a "2015 Calendar of Obscure Holidays" featuring original artwork by Nib editor Matt "War Is Boring" Bors, Erika Moen, Rich Stevens, Zach Weiner, Jen Sorensen, Brian McFadden, Eleri Harris, Andy Warner, Matt Lubchansky, Liza Donnelly, Scott Bateman, and Gemma Correll who did the cover.

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Video: She & Him cover Dusty Springfield


The lovely and talented duo of She & Him, aka M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel, bring their 1960s AM-radio joy to the Dusty Springfield tune "Stay Awhile." It's from their forthcoming covers LP, titled Classics.

Where the fuck is Princess Leia (in the toy aisle)?

Over at TheLi.st, Glynnis MacNicol surveys the "girls toys section" of today's stores and asks: Where the fuck is Princess Leia?


I think it’s safe to say that while my love of Princess Leia may have been on the more extreme side it was not all that unusual for girls my age at the time. And as far as girlhood obsessions that turn into grown-up life lessons go it was hard to beat: Take charge, be brave, be loyal, have nice hair, and strangle to death the monster who forces you to wear an inappropriate bikini.

"Where the Fuck Is Princess Leia?: Help me, multi-gazillion dollar toy industry, you’re my only hope." (TheLi.st)

A master of otherworldly space art


Above, the extrasolar planet 16 Cygni Bb as rendered by artist Ron Miller, illustrator of science, astronomy, and science fiction, and author of "The Art of Space: The History of Space Art, from the Earliest Visions to the Graphics of the Modern Era."

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Artificial intelligence generates magic tricks

Engineers at Queen Mary University London fed data about the structure of certain magic tricks and their efficacy, the "artificial intelligence" generated new variations on a self-working puzzle trick and a smartphone-based mind-reading illusion.

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The sound of Interstellar

Interstellar's supervising sound editor/designer Richard King: "Since we're not hearing any sound in space when they're in these precarious situations, we only hear, one, its effect on the ship and two, whatever sound it might activate in the atmosphere inside the ship." (SoundWorks Collection)

Photographs of "hermits" in Eastern Europe


Traveling through Russia and Ukraine, Danila Tkachenko photographed "people who have decided to escape from social life and lived all alone in the wild nature, far away from any villages, towns or other people. The photo series is titled Escape. From CNN:


Tkachenko tracked some of them down by calling local authorities, park rangers, newspapers and nature reserves, though it's difficult to track down a man who has chosen to be lost.

"Often the information is not accurate, so many trips went in vain," Tkachenko said.

The hermits live in homes made of local resources -- lumber, burrows in the ground or caves -- and eat what they hunt or gather. If they fall ill, Tkachenko said, they live with the condition or treat themselves with folk methods. He said one man lost his vision completely but continues to live by himself in the woods.


"Hermits escape from society, find freedom in nature" (CNN)

Escape (Danila Tkachenko)

What gall these parasitic wasps have

Lazy parasitic wasps make trees build homes for their larvae.

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